Global Time Attack | Super Lap Battle
Vehicle Technical Rules & Safety Regulations
(2024 Edition)


Vehicles entering into any Global Time Attack (GTA) event must adhere to the regulations of this series as defined within this document; these regulations have been loosely based on universally recognized Time Attack rule packages of various series found around the globe. Regulations are formulated to ensure that all vehicles are properly prepared to a high standard and ensure safety compliance with the series requirements. All points listed will be strictly policed and checked, prior to the starting of each competition and any vehicle failing to comply with these regulations will be excluded from the competition. The following regulations apply to all Global Time Attack Competitors with specific rules for each class listed separately. The following regulations also apply to all Global Time Attack, Super Lap Battle, and GTA sanctioned time attack competitions during 2024.

Any vehicles not conforming may be excluded from any and possibly all Global Time Attack events. If appropriate any/all parts of the regulations may be changed or modified on the Global Time Attack website ( by the Global Time Attack staff, stewards and technical officials at any time. Any modifications to regulations made in this way will be clearly marked and reported in the rules section of the Global Time Attack website.

The GTA rules were drafted in accordance with the Global Time Attack Track Safety Minimums. GTA manages vehicle safety inspection, and in most cases timing and scoring. Your vehicle(s) must meet the basic requirements of the GTA Safety Minimums, found at: GTA SM 2024. As the driver, it is your responsibility to ensure your vehicle will pass inspection. Contact us BEFORE an event should any questions arise. If you arrive and your vehicle is deemed unsafe, it will not be allowed to run. GTA competing vehicles must pass GTA Tech. No exceptions!

If you are unsure if your vehicle meets the regulation requirements, it is your responsibility to clarify any/all areas or points prior to an event (or of equal importance, before tearing into your car with a Sawzall). Please address any technical questions to

General Rules

(These apply to all production based time attack classes but excludes Max Effort and GT-X)
  1. Chassis/Exterior/Aero

    1. Vehicles must be mass produced road going vehicles, constructed by a recognized manufacturer, and currently/previously available as a factory OEM road going passenger vehicle with a government mandated VIN# or equivalent. Tube chassis, open wheel, factory built race cars, kit cars or club racer cars that may be made street legal are not allowed. (i.e. Radical SR3, Factory 5 818, Ultima GTR, Porsche GT3 Cup) GTA/SLB reserves the right to disallow cars or set higher base classes on a case by case basis.
    2. Tube chassis (or similar carbon composite monocoque) vehicles are not permitted unless part of the OEM structure and are specifically accepted by GTA staff as a legal vehicle.
    3. The OEM floor pan and shock tower locations must remain intact.
    4. All vehicles must have a silhouette, general body shape and outline remaining largely true to the original body.
    5. All vehicles must maintain a neat and finished appearance.
    6. Brake lights must be operational in all classes.
    7. All Enthusiast, Street and Limited Class vehicles must retain stock/OEM wheelbase.
    8. Hyper/supercars not listed will be assessed on a case by case basis, and will be minimum classed accordingly by GTA staff. Entrants of these cars should contact the race steward to be classed.
    9. Factory sports cars/supercars/exotics as determined by GTA staff (including but not limited to Acura NSX 2G, Corvette ZR1, C6/C7 Corvette Z06, C6/C7 Corvette Grand Sport, C8 Corvette, Camaro ZL1, Lamborghini, Lexus LFA, Ferrari, Ford GT350R/GT350/GT500, McLaren, Mercedes AMG GTR, Nissan GTR, Porsche GT”X”, Tesla Model S Plaid) will have a minimum base class of Limited.
    10. If a vehicle is deemed a Supercar or factory sports car and does not comply with the Limited Class minimum Safety, the vehicle must retain the complete OEM interior and OEM safety. It must be currently street registered, with no aftermarket power adders beyond tuning, intake and exhaust.
    11. Factory sports cars as determined by GTA staff (including but not limited to C5 Corvette Z06, Camaro SS 1LE, BMW M models, Porsche Carrera, Porsche 981 and 718 models, Toyota Supra A90) will have a minimum base class of Street.
  2. Chassis/Exterior/Aero

    1. Only one internal combustion engine is permitted per vehicle.
    2. Auxiliary Water/Methanol injection is allowed in all classes.
    3. Gearboxes are defined into 5 categories. 1. Manual synchro 2. Torque converter automatic 3. H-pattern dog engagement 4. Twin clutch DSG/DCT 5. Dog gear sequential. 
  3. Suspension/Brakes/Tires/Wheels

    1. All tires must be available to fellow Global Time Attack competitors for purchase. If any tires are found to be unavailable through retail sources in North America or are of a false/miss-advertised (cheater) compound the competitor will be disqualified.
    2. Enthusiast Class cars must use DOT-approved treaded tires with a minimum UTQG-rating of 220 or higher. Maximum Tire Width: AWD: 255, RWD: 285, FWD: 285
    3. Street Class must use DOT-approved treaded tires with a minimum UTQG-rating of 180 or higher. Maximum Tire Width: AWD: 265; RWD: 295, FWD: 295
    4. Limited Class must use DOT-approved treaded tires with a minimum UTQG-rating of 60 or higher.
    5. Unlimited Class, International Unlimited Class, and Max Effort / GT-X cars to use any DOT tire or Racing Slick.
    6. No part of the top of the flat tire tread may protrude past the widest point of the wheel arch/fender/quarter panel or flare when viewed from above at the wheel centerline.
  4. Interior/Roll Cage/Safety/Misc.
    1. A 6-point (or more) roll cage is strongly recommended for all classes, and is required in Unlimited, Max Effort, and GT-X Classes.
    2. Street class and above vehicles must have a fire extinguisher within drivers reach or onboard fire suppression system. We strongly recommend all classes have one.
    3. All vehicles must at a minimum meet the safety standards found in the GTA Safety Mins
    4. All race entries are subject to GTA approval, and as such the organizers reserve the right to disallow any vehicle or competitor to compete that is considered unsafe, unsportsmanlike, or is not within the spirit of the rules.
    5. All modifications performed must specifically be allowed within the class and overall rules or it is not allowed. If any questionable discrepancies are found, they must be clarified and allowed in writing by GTA Staff.
    6. All vehicles must have front and rear tow hooks points NO EXCEPTIONS! No competitor or vehicle will be allowed on track without proper points, it is the competitors responsibility to prep their vehicle correctly for this. GTA is not responsible for improper tow point mounting or any damage that may cause to the vehicle during recovery.
  5. Format

    1. A typical competition day usually consists of 3 to 4 separate sessions.
    2. The first session on day 1 of 2-day events may be reserved for practice only. No times count toward scoring or records in these practice sessions. All first time GTA competitors, or first time at the venue must run one of the practice sessions if available to qualify for their appropriate group by speed index regardless of class. All remaining sessions will count.
    3. Drivers meetings are mandatory. The driver and or a team representative must be present or will be disallowed from the first session with no exceptions.
    4. Passengers are not allowed in any session.
  6. Chassis/Exterior/Aero
    1. Competitors may only enter a vehicle in one class with the maximum of two drivers per entry.
    2. Only the fastest time will count from the team. No additional track time will be given for the additional drivers.
    3. All drivers on a team must be stated at registration before the competition starts. All drivers must sign all waivers and forms required to receive driving credentials.
    4. One driver may only be registered to drive up to two vehicles.
    5. Each driver must be at least 16 years of age and have extensive track experience.
    6. GTA is an advanced competition event, drivers with limited or no track experience should refrain from registering.
  7. Technical & Safety Checks
    1. Each vehicle must be inspected at each event for both safety and classing. Competitors must come to tech inspection with all safety equipment required for their class, and all relevant equipment to go on track on the vehicle. If a competitor is unprepared for tech they will have to leave the queue and fix the issue, the tech inspector will not wait for them to fix it in the tech line.
    2. In the event of contact or damage to a vehicle, a Tech Steward or GTA official must re-inspect the vehicle before allowing it to return to the circuit, and a contact form must be filled out for incidents involving contact on track.
    3. Any contact deemed avoidable or intentional by GTA Staff will result in immediate disqualification of the offender and removal from the event and premises.
    4. Any unregistered drivers that go on track will be fined the amount of the entry fee for the event, and the vehicle (including the registered driver and owner) will be disqualified and removed from the event.
    5. Any vehicle found to be leaking any fluids onto the race surface must be repaired and inspected by GTA officials prior to release and reentering the competition. Tracks will hold the competitor responsible for cleanup supply and material costs.
    6. Competitors will be held liable for any and all repair costs from making contact with track barriers or any other track facility damage.
    7. Any vehicle spinning more than 90deg of track path, or going more than 2 wheels off course must immediately drive through the hot pits for an inspection by GTA staff on that specific lap or be disqualified up to the point of pitting for that session.
  8. Timing and Scoring

    1. GTA Officials or host facility/group will conduct all timing and scoring.
    2. During a GTA event each and every session with the exception of the Practice/Qualifying round will count toward class standings and record bounties.
    3. All times posted (physical, social media, Race Hero or otherwise) will be unofficial until GTA officials have approved and verified times and entries.
  9. Technical Inspection / Post Session Impound / Protests
    1. After the completion of each session, or while the competing vehicles are returning off track/through pit lane to the paddocks, any GTA official has the right to ask any competing vehicle to proceed to an impound area where the vehicle will be inspected for technical/safety compliance. If a vehicle is found to be out of compliance, any and all times posted up to the point of discovery will be disqualified.
    2. Vehicles may only be inspected with a team representative present.
    3. Any competitor placed in a higher class due to a classing infraction may adhere to safety requirements of their original registered class at the discretion of GTA Staff. This ruling will only be determined and administered by a GTA official at GTA officials’ discretion. Only one exception of this type will be allowed, if the competitor returns without valid safety requirements at a subsequent event, he/she will not be allowed to compete. If the discrepancy is deemed intentional under classing to avoid safety requirements, the competitor will be disqualified and will not be allowed to compete.
    4. All protests must be made in person immediately after finding the infraction, intentionally waiting until the end of the event to protest a known issue will result in disqualification of the protester for unsportsmanlike actions. The competitor in question will still be inspected and disqualified if found to be illegal.
    5. Protested and found illegal vehicles will lose current standing and lap times up to the point of the protest. The competitor can choose to correct the issue and continue in their original class or be bumped to a class that the vehicle is legal in. The DQ’d lap times do not apply to the new class.
  10. Additional Paddock Rules
    1. All Competitors, crew, team members and guests must adhere to the conduct guidelines covered in the GTA Safety Minimums.
    2. In the event of property loss or damage, Global Time Attack, promoters, venue owners or operators will not be held responsible for any property throughout the course of the event. It is each individual’s responsibility to ensure you safeguard yourself against any loss.
    3. The hot pit wall shall not be blocked by any team’s fixed equipment, I.E. tents, stands, or any immobile gear. The pit wall should be available to all competitors to do pit stops and for spectators.
  11. Vehicle Signage
    1. No vehicle will be allowed on track without the following mandated signage. If a competitor removes any of the mandatory signage, or is found to be outside of compliance they will have all times up to that point disqualified.
    2. GTA windshield banners supplied by GTA must be placed on the front windshield.
    3. GTA door numbers cards supplied by GTA must be placed on each side of the car and must remain intact with sponsor logos.
    4. All other organization’s logos, decals and or number plates must be covered up or removed before arriving at tech inspection.
  12. GTA Classes
    1. Enthusiast Class (class rules)
    2. Street Class (class rules)
    3. Limited Class (class rules)
    4. Unlimited Class (class rules)
    5. International Unlimited Class (class rules)
    6. Max Effort Class (class rules)
    7. GT-X Class
      (class rules)