Our Mission

The Global Time Attack was founded with the simple desire of assembling the world’s fastest dedicated time attack cars together on a particular circuit. Through our sanctioned events, websites, social networks, live stream broadcasts and partnerships with independent media outlets we will present this motorsport in an exciting, engaging and involving manner in order to elevate this community as a whole including the teams, fans, manufacturers, and supporters.

Our Vision

Global Time Attack is comprised of a team of leaders in the tuner, time attack and traditional motorsports fields. Our team produced the very first North American time attack way back in 2004. We were the crew chiefs back in the early days of the Honda FWD drag movement and the event coordinators of the world’s most successful tuner magazine. We were a part of the largest import car show series ever. In short, we eat, sleep and breathe this stuff.


Jason Dienhart - Director

Amanda Dienhart - Photography

Bob Apadacao - Grid/Tech

Tony Szirka - Grid/Tech

Shannon Szirka - Registration

Cuban Rodriguez - Livestream MC

Paul Kuzma - Tech/Control

Sarah Kuzma - Merchandise

Niaman Eaton - Grid/Tech

Jon Via - Timing/Scoring