Global Time Attack | Super Lap Battle
Pro/Comp Class Rules
(2023 Edition)


Any questionable modifications not specifically covered within the class and overall rules must be submitted for clarification and allowed by GTA Staff. If you are unsure if your vehicle meets the regulation requirements, it is your responsibility to clarify any/all areas or points prior to an event.

Pro/Comp Class Rules

Please address any technical questions to

  1. Overall Class Rules
    1. Pro/comp was created for a truly open, “anything goes” class that nearly any 4 wheeled vehicle can compete in with very few and minor rules for cars not eligible for the traditional GTA classes.
    2. Any chassis may be used that has adequate driver protection including rollover, side impact and 5+ point harnesses as accepted by GTA Staff. Vehicles that do not fit standard time attack classes but maintain OEM seats and belts are allowed.
    3. All vehicles must have a fire suppression or an extinguisher within the driver’s reach.
    4. All vehicles are required to have front and rear tow hooks
    5. Minimum wheelbase of 70”
    6. Minimum Track width of 55”
    7. Engine, suspension, brakes, gear box, and aero are open.
    8. We prefer Pro/Comp Class Cars use the Yokohama Advan A052 or Yokohama Advan A005 tires. We will also allow any DOT tire or Racing Slick. Contact for details.
    9. All vehicles must have at least one functional brake light.
    10. All drivers must wear fire retardant drivers suits and safety gear.
    11. Vehicles that do not fit standard time attack classes but maintain OEM components may use standard safety equipment.