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Global Time Attack has one goal in mind, setting records at tracks around the United States. That is exactly why drivers like Jeff Westphal and Chris Rado support the series. They don’t care about winning championships. They just care about setting lap records.

I arrived to the track late on Friday night to find the entire World Racing crew working on the F-wing scion tC. They are some of the most dedicated people in the small time attack community.

The entire crew was still there when I left for my hotel room and they were in the same spot when I came back the next morning. It’s like they never left.

Chris is a superstitious race car driver, so he has a bag of skulls attached to his steering wheel for good luck.

The mad scientist himself, Mike “pee wee” Alejos used to work for a rival team. Now he has his hands in everything at World Racing.

Unfortunately, the team was plagued with problems the entire weekend.

That did not stop Chris from breaking the front wheel drive lap record. He pulled a 1:05.481. Chris beat the previous record by 8 seconds…

…which put him on the top of the podium in front wheel drive class.

I like the community aspect of time attack. You make new friends at every event. Here is Chris talking to my new friend Carmine Dell Aquilla.

Carmine owns Performance Motorsports and he knows how to camp at the track in style.

This is his support rig. I felt like a king just eating lunch in here.

You wont find Carmine sleeping on an air mattress in a tiny tent full of mosquitoes.

Here is the master bathroom.

This is the guest bathroom.

This rig already had two bathrooms. Might as well have a washer and dryer too.

This rig has 600hp. More than most of the cars that were competing.

And what does Carmine drive? A Z06 Corvette of course.

Performance Motorsports is lucky enough to have a legend working with them. This is John Martin, he has been around racing for some time.

He drove in the Indy 500 from 1972-76. His best finish was 8th place in 1973.

After he stopped racing he became a crew chief for Gary Rubio when he was running Indy lights. It really is an honor to have a motorsport legend be a part of such a young motorsport.

Carmine ended up getting 2nd place in Unlimited RWD with a time of 1:12.154.

John Martin prepped the Performance Motorsports 370Z for Gary Rubio. They ended up getting 3rd place with a 1:14.337. Not bad for a stock car.

After they kicked me out of the Ritz Carlton rig I decided to drive around the track in my rental car for a bit. I found a very interesting track-side exhibit.

This evo was not doing a burnout for a drag race.

The brakes got so incredibly hot that it caught on fire.

Just when we thought the fire was out it started again.

The UMS team fixed the brakes and went on to get 2nd in unlimited AWD with a time of 1:10.056.

This is the Evo 7 of team “Professional Awesome.”

They are very proud of their street registered full on time attack car.

They even spent the time on putting in a lightweight stereo.

Daniel O’Donnell broke the street tire record at this track with a 1:11.611. Good job guys!

This 240RS looks familiar.

Bill Washburn has done quite a bit more to this hatchback since Jeroen featured this car back in 2008.

Since then the car has lost some weight and it has also had some aero upgrades.

The SR20 is also pumping out more horsepower. Around 450 to be exact.

Bill got his money’s worth from that mountain dew bottle.

The cockpit looks more like something out of an X-wing than an S-Chassis.

This is a very simple and cost effective way of making sure your brakes are not overheating. Bill ended up getting 1st place in Unlimited RWD with a 1:08.448.

The top time of day was set by Jeff Westphal in the GST Motorsports Subaru Impreza.

He ran a 1:02.460. That is good for the fastest closed wheel car ever to drive a New Jersey Motorsports park’s “Lightning” course.

It still amazes me that this car was built in a garage by Mike Warfield.

It is making an earth shattering 800 hp to the wheels.

For the final session Mike decided to give Jeff 500 more rpm to play with. So he extended the rev limiter to 8,000 rpm. Even on old tires Jeff squeezed out the fastest time of the weekend.

This is the last time I saw this Corvette…

…before it hit the wall. G.J Dixon had a little bit of bad luck going into turn 1. At least he ended up in 1st place in Limited GT RWD. That’s time attack for you.

Whenever I needed an escape from the heat I turned to Chris Rado’s rig.

In there you will find Chris tending to his children.

Chris’ mom even came out and she brought a gift for her grand children to nibble on.

The entire Rado family including Chris’ dad and sister came out to support their beloved adrenaline junkie.

The whole team is just one happy time attack family. Here is Cousin Rob getting his ears cleaned by “Philly” the newest member of the World Racing family.

Here is Scott Stanwood, master fabricator and Chassis builder. It seems he had a Garfield moment while working on the F-wing TC1.

I would not want to be an intern at World Racing. Here is Chris comparing his teeth to his intern’s stomach. I can only imagine what other cruel pranks they play on each other.

Mrs. Rado was nice enough to cook for the entire team.

Home cooked food at the track tends to attract trouble from the likes of John “Nads” Naderi.

He is the Global Time Attack organizer and all around loud mouth.

John seemed thirsty after a long day so everyone decided to thank John for his hard work.

Global Time Attack is not about big corporate sponsors and angry competitors. It’s about sportsmanship and having a good time. Everyone helps out everyone in the pits. When one of the guys breaks something the entire paddock goes out to help. I love going to events like this and I can’t wait to go to Round 3 in Chicago next month.