Super Lap Battle COTA 2022

Super Lap Battle returns to Circuit of The Americas for its 4th annual SLB Circuit of The Americas time attack event. February 18-20, 2022.

Featuring the Gridlife GLTC Race, Lone Star Drift Show, and 742 Just/Vibes Car Show.

Spectator Tickets are on Sale Now for $12 for the entire weekend. The tickets are $20 at the box office at COTA.


SLB Driver Pre-Registartion:


Due to the recent supply chain issues, we are not requiring teams to run the Yokohama Spec Tire at SLB COTA February 18-20, 2022. We prefer you to run the Yokohama Tire spec tires, but it is not required. 

open tire, any brand. must use DOT-approved treaded tires with a minimum UTQG-rating of 220 or higher. And Maximum tire width is AWD: 255, RWD: 285, FWD: 285

We prefer you use Yokohama ADVAN A052 or ADVAN AD08 R. Maximum width AWD: 265, RWD: 295, FWD: 295 For SLB COTA we will also allow any DOT-approved treaded tires with a minimum UTQG-rating of 180 or higher. Maximum width AWD: 265, RWD: 295, FWD: 295

We prefer you use Yokohama ADVAN A052 or ADVAN AD08 R. For SLB COTA we will also allow any DOT-approved treaded tires with a minimum UTQG-rating of 60 or higher.

We prefer the Yokohama ADVAN A005 or Yokohama ADVAN A052. For SLB COTA we will also allow any DOT tire or Racing Slick. 

International Unlimited:
We prefer the Yokohama ADVAN A005 or Yokohama ADVAN A052. For SLB COTA we will also allow any DOT tire or Racing Slick. 

We prefer the Yokohama ADVAN A005 or Yokohama ADVAN A052 or ADVAN AD08 R. For SLB COTA we will also allow any DOT tire or Racing Slick.


ENEOS Oil Contingency.

All teams will have the opportunity to experience the benefits in terms of power and durability with ENEOS high-performance synthetic motor oil, including its Racing Series oils designed specifically for motorsports. And ENEOS will provide the oil to the teams for free. Furthermore, ENEOS has initiated a brand new Contingency Program to support GTA teams and drivers. The top two ENEOS Contingency Program participants in each class at each round will receive a cash prize for displaying ENEOS stickers on their car.

For more info on the ENEOS Contingency Program for Global Time Attack and to sign up, visit:


Track yard agency. Help with global time attack sponsors.

Looking for Sponsors?

We’ve partnered up with Track Yard Agency to help maximize your opportunity with current and potential sponsors. They’ve taken the framework of a usual sponsorship proposal and turned the volume up to 11 – with complete, on-brand, striking marketing all the way to websites for drivers and race teams to sell on. By creating new opportunities such as; developing an E-Commerce site, providing access to a dedicated marketing and design team, Track Yard Agency can maximize the relationship with sponsors and elevate the ROI to a whole new level. We at GTA highly recommend scheduling a discovery meeting with Track Yard Agency to discuss the needs of your program.

Contact Ken Cruz:


Drivers List

State/Region First name Last name Co-drivers Team Name Make Model # Class
SC Brad Balkham TRP Racing Mitsubishi EVO X GSR 22 Enthusiast
AZ Stephen Busler Stephen Busler Honda Civic Type-R 169 Enthusiast
TX Gregory Formosa Weeb Racing Mitsubishi Evo x Mr 390 Enthusiast
Tx Bailey Ipock Bang 4 Buck Racing Mitsubishi Lancer 545 Enthusiast
NC Brandon Luethye Two Buds Racing Volkswagen Golf 777 Enthusiast
TX Austin Sierra Six Star Auto Repair Subaru Impreza 333 Enthusiast
TX Thomas Thompson Team NAXN Cadillac ATS-V 114 Enthusiast
CA Jeffrey Ting Autotuned Racing Honda Civic Type R 36 Enthusiast
SC Jonathan Wheeler TRP Racing Nissan Nismo 370Z 44 Enthusiast
TX Bjorn Boentges BEARZILLA Nissan GT-R 69 Limited
CO Henry Broddle Loop Legends Toyota MR2 76 Limited
AZ Donald Brown RevMatch Racing Subaru Impreza 77 Limited
OH Aaron Byram PURE Tuning Subaru WRX STI 921 Limited
CA Jason Chin StudioRSR Porsche GT3RS 27 Limited
CO Scott Crouch Flatirons Tuning Subaru Impreza 429 Limited
Tx Mike Dusold DuSold Designs Tesla S 57 Limited
IL Kal Fortner Al’s Autobody Mercedes-Benz AMG GTS 14 Limited
TX Joshua Garcia VOODOO RACING Toyota AE86 860 Limited
CO Jake Graham TGA Performance Subaru WRX 55 Limited
TX Will Hardeman Uglietta, C Mercede-Benz of Austin Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 19 Limited
TX Andy Hollis One Lap McLaren McLaren 720S 6 Limited
SC Paul Jaquish Rival Racing Eagle Talon TSI AWD 700 Limited
FL Chris Johnson Attacking the Clock Racing Nissan Skyline GTR 132 Limited
MEX Robert Medina Black Family Racing Honda Civic 199 Limited
WI Alex Moss SuperK Honda S2000 150 Limited
TX Hayley Myers Hayley Myers | STIG_GTR Nissan GT-R 101 Limited
TX Daniel Oliver Daniel Oliver Racing X PhD Racing Toyota MR2 445 Limited
Ernestas Puzelis No Nissan 370z 138 Limited
OH James Rauck Jimmy Rauck Porsche GT2RS 991 Limited
IL Alex Roy PE Tuned BMW 26 Limited
NM Tim Schoeppner True Form Racing Mitsubishi Evolution 66 Limited
TX Zachary Sober Team NAXN McLaren 620R 113 Limited
NV Phillip Suazo Revmatch Racing Mitsubishi Evolution MR 213 Limited
TX Eric Sutton Narrow Gate Racing Porsche Turbo 177 Limited
AZ Ravi Tomerlin WDL Racing Honda NSX 8 Limited
CO Lawrence Yuen N15 Design Porsche 911 368 Limited
CA Gabe Zamora Studio RSR Porsche GT3 7 Limited
CO James Leithauser Old Guys Rule BMW Z4 96 Limited
CA Dai Yoshihara Wang, A Spoon Sports USA Honda Civic 95 Limited
NJ Jeremy Lowder Bad ZL1 Racing Chevrolet Camaro 25 Limited
CO Ryan Dussex DSX Motorsports/ Flatirons Tuning Subaru Spec C sti 303 Pro/Comp
TX Nick Bright Sar, M RS Future Ridelow Shifthard Honda Accord Euro R 91 Pro/Comp
FL Shawn Bassett Attacking The Clock Racing Datsun 240Z 269 Pro/Comp
CA Amir Bentatou RS Future X Koyorad Acura NSX 67 Street
CO Bob Boileau Ole Guys Rule Mazda Miata 43 Street
AZ Hana Burton Circuit Orange Toyota GR Supra 87 Street
TX Tony D YNOT Racing Porsche 991 510 Street
MD Jackie Ding PhD Racing Toyota Supra #TA90 86 Street
CO Rich Enriquez PhD Racing Toyota Supra 469 Street
TX Cody Gonzalez Circuit Special Honda S2000 789 Street
TX Christina Guzman Level X Racing BMW M4 2 Street
SC Devin Hofmann IAG Performance Subaru STi 145 Street
CA James Hou JagerRacing Subaru STI 240 Street
PA Nicholas Kohrs Artayet, A PRL Motorsports Honda Civic SI 79 Street
CA Korey Kryder Mom’s Garage Racing Subaru Impreza 315 Street
CO Zach Lumsden Colorado MotorSport Mitsubishi Lancer 413 Street
TX Jason Merck OG Shark Motorsport BMW M2C 223 Street
GA Brandon Pagan BPT Racing Subaru STI 99 Street
CA Studio Rsr Studio RSR | Liminal Apparel Co. Toyota Supra 20 Street
CA Austin Shipley Jones, C,Jones, C PhD Racing Toyota Supra 669 Street
NV Thomas Smith Thomas Smith Racing Subaru STI 5 Street
TN Drew Turner Deft Motion / BINGE Track Days Toyota Supra 90 Street
TX Jeremiah Walters Circuit Special Honda S2000 28 Street
TX Forrest Windecker Davis, M TTW Toyota GR Supra 71 Street
TX Marc Austin MAD Joker Racing Porsche 911 11 Unlimited
ON Will Au-Yeung Vibrant Performance / PZtuning Honda Civic 313 Unlimited
UT John McInnes Lyfe Motorsport Porsche GT3RS 35 Unlimited
TX Feras Qartoumy Qar Optics Racing Chevrolet Corvette 72 Unlimited
CO Gabriel Shadid Epic Score BMW M3 881 Unlimited
CO David Stock Old Guys Rule BMW M3 221 Unlimited
FL Sebastian Vasan Redline Motorsports / MFR Engineering Chevrolet Camaro 24 Unlimited
CA Dai Yoshihara Evasive Motorsports Tesla Model 3 88 Unlimited
TX Jason Dent R Stands For Race Chevrolet Camaro 4 Unlimited


Feb 18 2022 - Feb 20 2022


08:00 AM - 06:00 PM


Circuit of The Americas
9201 Circuit of The Americas Blvd Austin, TX, 78617