At its inception the Global Time Attack was designed to make motorsports – specifically time attack – accessible to anyone who wanted to take their tuned production car to the track. This includes mildly-modified, street-based cars to wildly-warped Unlimited class time machines.

But as the sport progressed so too did the level of competition as well the intensity of the “entry-level” Street-tire Class competitors, such as the Professional Awesome Evo 7. While this car is well within the rules of the GTA Street Class it is a far cry from a true grassroots track car that splits time as a street-driven vehicle.

With this in mind we’re proud to introduce the all-new Enthusiast Class presented by Synergy Turbo. This new GTA class is positioned immediately beneath the Street Class in terms of car modifications and driver experience. This new class draws its name from the entry-level classes at the Redline Time Attack and Speed Ventures track events.  The GTA Enthusiast Class utilizes the Street Class rules with greater regulation to ensure that the cars and drivers are true entry-level competitors. The new class will be divided into three distinct drivetrain divisions – AWD, RWD and FWD – just like the existing Unlimited, Limited and Street Classes.

The main distinction between the GTA Street Class and the Enthusiast Class presented by Synergy Turbo surrounds some additional limitations for this new class. The Enthusiast Class presented by Synergy Turbo lists the following elements that are not required in the Street Class, such as: greater aero limitations; current registration and proof of insurance; working headlights and taillights; full interiors; cars must be driven to and from track; not open to professional drivers with current or previous licenses in any professional racing series or instructing race drivers. The Enthusiast Class rules have been added to the existing GTA Technical and Safety Regulations (no other updates have been made) and they can be found here.

This new GTA Enthusiast Class presented by Synergy Turbo will debut at the upcoming GTA Round 4 at New Jersey Motorsports Park on August 4-5. Registration is open now. Just point your mouse here and click. But do it quickly as the GTA Enthusiast Class presented by Synergy Turbo is limited to twenty entries. Since we never mess with Texas registration for our Rd. 5 at Texas Motor Speedway is also open now. If you have any questions about this new class (or you just need someone who understands) please feel free to contact us at or call 310-974-4252. Gimme an “E,” gimme an “N,” gimme a… Let’s just say we’re overly enthused about our new GTA Enthusiast Class presented by Synergy Turbo and leave it at that.