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    Records/ Personal Bests: N/A
    Car Name: Team Need for Speed AWD Scion tC
    Nickname: Team NFS tC
    Year: 2010
    Make: Scion
    Model: tC
    Chassis Code: ANT10
    Engine: Scion 2AR-FE
    Displacement: 2.4L
    Boost Pressure: 60-plus psi
    Fuel: Methanol (M-1)
    Power Output: 1200whp (est.)
    Weight: 2,400lbs

    Scion OEM 2AZ-FE
    Crankshaft: Scion OEM
    Connecting Rods: Cunningham
    Main Studs: Descendant-Racing
    Camshafts: Brian Crower (BC)
    Cam Gears: N/A
    Valves / Valvesprings / Spring Retainers: Ferrea oversized valves, dual valve springs, and titanium retainers
    Head Gasket: Toyota OEM
    Head Studs: Descendant Racing
    Intake Manifold: Descendant Racing
    Throttle Body: Scion OEM
    Turbocharger: Compound Turbo – Turbonetics billet 60mm & 80mm turbo
    Turbo Manifold: Descendant Racing
    Wastegate: Turbonetics
    Blow-Off Valve: Pro-Charger (x2)
    Exhaust: Descendant Racing
    Fuel Pressure Regulator: Aeromotive
    Fuel Delivery: Watermann Mechanical
    Fuel Injectors: RC Engineering 2200cc (x8)
    Fuel Cell: ATI
    Spark Plugs: NGK Racing
    Radiator: Mishimoto; Mishimoto thermostat
    Intercooler: Spearco Intercoolers 1500WHP Core
    Oil System: Descendant Racing custom dry sump with Setrab oil cooler core x3
    Engine Management: Motec M880
    Wiring Harness:
    James Lin Motorsports
    Additional Engine Work: Adel Wiggins Clamps

    Weismann WAW
    Transmission Gearing: 6 speed touring car
    Clutch / Flywheel:
    Tilton 7.5-in Triple Plate Amorphous Carbon Carbon / Tilton Chromoly
    Differential: Winters quick-change rear end
    Axles: Mark Williams

    Penske Racing Shocks
    Springs: H&R Springs (size/rate: classified)
    Sway Bars: WORLD Racing custom fab driver-controlled by Genesis Technologies
    Additional Suspension Work: N/A
    Brakes: Brembo Monoblock
    Pads: Hawk Performance
    Brake Lines: Goodridge
    Additional Brake Work: Tilton 900 Series Brake/Clutch Assembly with Dual Master Cylinders, Balance Bar, and Hydraulic Proportioning Valve

    Wheels: HRE Wheels Comp 95 18×12
    Tires: Continental Tire 305/645R18 r80 compound; Continental Tire 315645R18 a6 compound

    Front Bumper:
    Tru Karbon
    Spoiler/Wing: Kognition
    Hood: Tru Karbon
    Fenders: Tru Karbon
    Side Skirts: Tru Karbon
    Rear Bumper: Tru Karbon
    Rear Diffuser: WORLD Racing
    Trunk Lid: Tru Karbon
    Doors: Tru Karbon
    Livery Design/Graphics: Sergei Podosinov-Kaya Creative / Andy Blackmore-EA
    Paint: Auto Explosion – Gardena, Ca
    Additional Exterior Work: N/A

    Cage: WORLD Racing
    Seat: Recaro Carbon Kevlar SPA Hans
    Harness: Crow
    Wheel: Momo
    Gauges: Motec ADL III

    Team Principle: Cousin Rob Cardona
    Driver: Chris “Capt’n Chaos” Rado
    Driver Bio:
    James “MF’n” Lin a.k.a JMFL
    Crew Chief: Ron Mathis

    Chief Mechanic & Engine Builder: Gary “Tic-Tic” Kubo
    Chief Fabricator & Technical Dictator: Eric “El Cobra” Plebani
    Marketing & Strategic Partnerships: Mike “Pee-Wee” Alejos
    Producer: Adam Rehmeier
    Photographers: Speedhunters Linhbergh, and Larry Chen
    Suspension & Brakes: Brian “Dahmer” Reiley
    Race Support: Joe Libby
    Race Support: Andrei Torres
    Welder: Tito


    Official Website: http://world-racing.com/

    : Facebook.com/DescendantRacing

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