Much has been said about time attack in regards to overall track records but truth be told there are a wide variety of classes for all manner of track cars.

From the Street Class with cars like Matt Dennison’s Evo…

To the Unlimited Class with record breakers like the FX Motorsports Development NSX.

Not every team is as intimidating as the WORLD Racing operation…

Or every build as sinister as the Project Nemo build.


A great example of grassroots perseverance is the Professional Awesome team. This slideshow video documents the evolution of their Evolution from daily driven street car to GTA-dominating Street Class record breaker.

Because the National Auto Sport Association serves as the partner and official sanctioning body for the GTA all of our competitors must have a NASA membership, but not necessarily a competition, or wheel-to-wheel license as it’s so commonly called. An annual NASA membership starts at only $45 and in addition to qualifying you to compete in the GTA it’s also packed with benefits.

If you’re hell bent going wheel-to-wheel racing in 2012 GTA is presenting the GR8 VIII Shootout, which will pit the eight fastest time attack cars against each other in single-elimination head-to-head battles. In order to be eligible for the GR8 VIII – in addition to setting one of the eight fastest GTA times – each driver must have a NASA competition license and the cars must satisfy more stringent rules (sections 12-16 of the NASA CCR’s), which can be downloaded here:

While GTA makes it as easy as possible to jump into time attack the GR8 VIII is not for the feint of heart and even our standard time trial style of competition might be too much for some. For those with little to no track experience (video games do not count) NASA offers a variety of different entry-level programs at dozens of tracks in addition to our events which will allow you to jump on the same circuit as our GTA whales from the relative safety of the shallow end. Hard parking may be fun but wouldn’t you rather see what you and your car can do on an open track?