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    Records/Personal Bests: Overall fastest time of day at Thunderhill on 3.4.12 (also first S2000 under 2 minute barrier on street tires): vimeo.com/37937619

    Car Name: Blacktrax Performance & TunerPlayground Motorsports
    Nickname: Irene
    Year: 2005
    Make: Honda
    Model: S2000
    Chassis Code: AP2
    Engine: Blacktrax Performance F24C
    Displacement: 2,400cc
    Boost Pressure: N/A
    Fuel: 91
    Power Output: 270
    Weight: 2500 lbs.

    Blacktrax Performance Assembled Honda F22C
    Crankshaft: Blacktrax Performance
    Pistons: Wiseco
    Connecting Rods: Blacktrax Performance
    Main Studs: Blacktrax Performance
    Camshafts: BC Stage 2
    Cam Gears: TODA Racing
    Valves / Valvesprings / Spring Retainers: Supertech
    Head Gasket: OEM Honda
    Head Studs: OEM Honda
    Intake Manifold: OEM Honda
    Intake: CT Engineering Icebox Carbon
    Oil Filter: K&N
    Oil Pan: Blacktrax Performance
    Throttle Body: OEM Honda
    Exhaust Manifold: Berk Technology
    Exhaust: Berk Technology 3-inch with HFC
    Fuel Pressure Regulator: OEM Honda
    Fuel Delivery: Deatschwerks
    Fuel Injectors: Deatschwerks
    Fuel Cell: N/A
    Spark Plugs: NGK Racing
    Radiator: Mishimoto
    Engine Management: Hondata K-Pro
    Engine Mounts: Hasport

    OEM Honda
    Transmission Gearing: OEM Honda
    Clutch / Flywheel: Exedy
    Differential: OEM Honda
    Differential Collars: eXedium Racing
    Axles: OEM
    Driveshaft Spacers: eXedium Racing

    JRZ Motorsport Triples
    Springs: Eibach ERS
    Helper Springs: Eibach ERS
    Sway Bars: Ankeny
    Strut Bars: J’s Racing
    Additional Suspension Work: Wicked Tuning Monoball Pivot Points on all Suspension Arms
    Wicked Tuning Adjustable Roll Center
    Wicked Tuning Adjustable Bumpsteer Arms
    CT Engineering X-Brace

    Brakes: J’s Racing 6-Piston System (front), OEM calipers and rotors (rear)
    Pads: Carbotech XP10 (front), Carbotech XP8 (rear)
    Brake Lines: Challenge Stainless Braided
    Additional Brake Work: WASP Composites Brake Ducts

    Wheels: VOLK Racing TE37 Super Lap
    Tires: Hankook Ventus TD 275/35/18

    Front Bumper:
    APR GT
    Front Spoiler: WASP Composites Carbon Splitter
    Hood: Seibon Type MG
    Fenders: J’s Racing Type S
    Side Skirts: WASP Composites
    Rear Bumper: OEM Honda
    Rear Diffuser: N/A
    Trunk Lid: OEM Honda
    Mirrors: APR Carbon
    Spoiler/Wing: J’s Racing 3D-GT Carbon Type 1 with Challenge USA 285mm Aluminum Risers
    Doors: OEM Honda
    Roof: Challenge 4×4 V-Weave Carbon
    Tow Hooks: Challenge
    Livery Design/Graphics: Static Nine Garage
    Paint & Bodywork: 5Fifteen Autobody

    Roll Cage: CT Engineering
    Seat: Racetech RT4009HR (Driver) and Racetech RT4009W (Passenger)
    Harness: SafeCraft 6 Point SFI 16.5
    Steering Wheel: Sparco Ring
    Gauges: AIM MXL Display
    Shift Knob: J’s Racing Titanium Blue

    Team Driver: Tom Tang
    Crew Chief: Jason Reese
    Crew Mechanic: Andrew Eng


    Teaser Video: vimeo.com/36592243

    Official Website: TunerPlayground.com

    : Facebook.com/TunerPlayground , Facebook.com/BlacktraxPerformance

    : Twitter.com/TunerPlayground

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