If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad, Muhammad must go to the mountain. The same can be said about our Global Time Attack. With many of the top teams taking up residence on the westernmost part of our contiguous United States it makes it challenging to bring our big guns back east. Enter Plycar Transportation Group. We recently partnered with the exotic auto transport specialist to help bring some of our West Coast Global Time Attack teams to our New Jersey Motorsports Park and Autobahn Country Club events.

Mike Warfield’s GST Motorsports Unlimited AWD GT Subaru Impreza L rolled into our Torrance, CA office in the wee hours just before the Plycar rig was set to arrive. You might also notice Chris Rado’s Unlimited GT WORLD Racing Team Need For Speed Scion tC support rig in the background. This is because our GTA global headquarters are in the same industrial park as WORLD Racing (translation: we sub-let office space from WORLD since Rado took pity on our low-budg’ operation).

The other car we’re sending to Jersey is Tony Szirka’s UMS Tuning Unlimted GT AWD Mitsubishi Evo. Tony and his UMS Tuning crew will already be at this GTA round since he serves as our official race steward. Tony took advantage of the chance to run in another GTA event and he brought his car from the Phoenix area to So Cal and we ensured that it made it on the Plycar rig safe and sound.

The 78-inch Kognition Design wing makes for a snug fit but we trust the Plycar crew will deliver our pair of west coast beasties intact so they can attempt to dismantle the Unlimited ranks in New Jersey. If you’ve never seen these cars run we highly recommend you come out to New Jersey Motorsports Park on Aug 6-7. If you can’t make it to the track we’ll be broadcasting all of the action live right here on the website. And finally, if you’re serious enough you can still enter our Global Time Attack and see how you and your car stack up against these two Unlimited GT heavyweights. Let’s not forget WORLD Racing, Performance Motorsports, Professional Awesome, Fortune Auto and more big teams are also set to run. Want more info on this event? You can get it all right here.