When we awoke today our morning wood was a tad bit more solid upon reading that Eric Hsu is getting the band back together. Eric is one of the Southern California tuning culture OGs from his work with A’PEXi and XS Engineering back in the day. These days he punches the clock at Cosworth and some of his special projects have including the imposing Sierra Sierra Enterprises unlimited class time attack Evo 8. The band to which we’re referring to is a group of Eric’s buddies – a League of Extraordinary Tuners if you will – hell bent on bringing an entry to Australia’s WTAC. Now that SSE’s Evo, Christine is dearly departed Eric and crew will be bringing whatever they have lying around. Fortunately Eric’s wicked R32 is still sitting around collecting dust. Much like Eric this GT-R has its papers in order having run at both the Super Lap Battle and select Redline Time Attacks if we’re not mistaken. This is great news, which you can read in Eric’s own words here, and we can only hope to see this one run at a Global Time Attack in the near future.

More cars in the field is never a bad thing (unless that field is a pasture). For 2012 Eric’s OG R32 will join this black beauty from Nemo-Racing and another yet-to-be-announced  Evo in a crop of fresh unlimited class  builds (or refreshed as in the case of the GT-R). Speaking of refreshed a large contingent of our GTA regular heavy hitters are upping their game in this silliest of off seasons. GST Motorsports, UMS Tuning and Snail Performance just to name a few are rumored to be hard at work upgrading their cars. This engineering arms race stretching across the globe makes this perhaps the most exciting point in the progression of time attack since HKS dropped its TRB-02 nee CT230R.


But there are those who believe that some of these builds are precursors to darker days, that we are staring at a slippery slope, or perhaps a turtle head of consequences in which only the most well-funded, well-engineered one percent can compete in such a technological tour de force. Is the Nemo Evo too wild for time attack? What about this Garage Revolution RX-7? We can’t say for sure since neither of those cars have yet to run in our Global Time Attack series and thus have never been through our scrutineering process. However, we firmly believe that our GTA Rules strike the best balance between innovation and integrity of the traditional time attack concept, thanks to our race steward, Anthony Szirka and our sanctioning body, NASA.

Almost as much as the debate over tube frames v. floorpans or DOTs v. slicks is the one surrounding the onslaught of other platforms, from American muscle to Teutonic brawn. What if Pratt & Miller were to enter a Corvette or Roush Industries wanted to campaign a Mustang? Who wants to see a Champion Porsche or a Risi Ferrari? Well, us for starters. We welcome such a wide array of cars and our rules support this. If  the GTA is in danger of being dominated by a field full of GT3 Porsches and full race Z06 Corvettes we will explore the possibility of different classes based on displacement or cylinder counts. But until that day comes we are excited to be a part of this rapidly evolving time attack landscape. What about you?