There are those of you who might say that time attack is headed toward a tipping point where escalating development costs will prohibit all but those with the deepest pockets and engineering resources from playing in this field. If you agree then the Synergy Turbo True Street Class Contingency Award just might be for you. The Synergy True Street (STS) Class was created with the grassroots, time attack participant in mind. Any GTA AWD, RWD and FWD Street Class factory turbocharged car with the turbo in the stock location is eligible for the STS Contingency Award. STS Class cars include but are not limited to some of our favorites such as the WRX/STI, Evo 8/9/10, SRT4, Genesis and other models with factory turbochargers that meet the GTA Street Class rules. Right about now you may be wondering how the stock mounting location is determined. Read on, young Jedi.

When a turbo is in the stock location the manifold would not extend past the imaginary plane where the valve cover meets the cylinder head. This image of an Evo 8/9 4G63 engine demonstrates how the tubular manifold extends into the yellow zone. This manifold would not be legal due to the added length of each runner to the collector, which allows for a larger – and thus relocated – turbo. Larger, relocated turbos, while legal in the GTA Street Class, aren’t normally found on a true street car. And here’s why.

When you relocate your turbo from its stock location your car will no longer pass the visual inspection as part of an emissions certification. Relocated turbos also require the modification and removal of factory parts as well as other costly fabrication work that increases the overall development cost to get your car to the track. This makes it difficult and in some cases impossible to return your car to its original configuration for warranty claims. Larger, relocated turbos also sacrifice drivability in the name of massive power gains.  Now maintaining a useable powerband, keeping development costs in check and emissions and warranty compliance may not mean much if anything to a racecar owner but these are all crucial elements for a true street car owner. This image of a 4B11 Evo X engine is fitted with a manifold that retains the turbo’s stock location.

Our partners at Synergy Turbo are presenting the STS Class in order to give the true street car owners a place to  promote the on-track capabilities of their products. Rules for STS Class Contingency Award are simple. Rock any of the Synergy hardware from fuel rails to turbos and jock some Synergy signage on your GTA Street Class entry and you can score up to $500 in Synergy Turbo gift certificates. Synergy even offers a Racer Discount to every GTA entrant making it even easier for you to get in it to win it.

Synergy Turbo products extend beyond turbochargers offered for Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru and universal applications to such performance parts as down pipes, fuel rails, fuel pumps and manifolds (like this sexy Subaru piece shown here). Synergy Turbo was established in 2009 with the goal to provide exceptional performance and affordability for the end user. The same can be said about the turbocharged true street cars in the STS Class. Think of it as a true street class within our GTA Street Class. To learn more about Synergy Turbo point your browser at and you can learn about all of our contingency awards in addition to the Synergy Turbo True Street Class Contingency Award here. What are you waiting for, true street class racers? Go forth and conquer.