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    Soho Motorsports Assaultech Turbo by Garrett Brian Crower
    Computech Mishimoto TurboSmart BG Oil
    Bingz SPL Sneed Speed

    Records/Personal Bests: 1.34.348 @ Road Atlanta – 3/12/12

    Car Name: #44 SOHO Motorsports Infiniti G35
    Nickname: N/A
    Year: 2005
    Make: Infiniti
    Model: G35
    Chassis Code: V35
    Engine: SOHO VQ35DE
    Displacement: 3.5L
    Boost Pressure: 17psi
    Fuel: 110
    Power Output: 580 hp / 580 tq
    Weight: 3200

    SOHO Motorsports Block
    Crankshaft: Stock
    Pistons: JE Pistons
    Connecting Rods: BC Conn Rods
    Main Studs: ARP
    Camshafts: Jim Wolf
    Cam Gears: Nissan
    Valves / Valvesprings / Spring Retainers: Brian Crower Titanium
    Head: Stockish
    Head Gasket: Cometic
    Head Studs: ARP
    Intake Manifold: Cosworth
    Throttle Body: Stock
    Turbocharger: Garrett GTX35R
    Turbo Manifold: SOHO Motorsports
    Wastegate: Turbosmart
    Blow-off Valve: Turbosmart
    Exhaust: SOHO Motorsports
    Fuel Pressure Regulator: Aeromotive
    Fuel Delivery: SOHO Motorsports Custom
    Fuel Injectors: Deatchwerks 1000cc
    Fuel Cell: ATL 10 Gallon
    Spark Plugs: Denso IKH24
    Radiator: Mishimoto
    Intercooler: SOHO Motorsports
    Oil System: SOHO Motorsports
    Engine Management: Uprev Osiris w/ SOHO Tune
    Wiring Harness: Stock
    Additional Engine Work: N/A

    Nissan MY009 Transmission
    Transmission Gearing: Stock
    Clutch / Flywheel: Exedy Twin Carbon
    Differential: Quaiffe
    Axles: Driveshaft Shop

    Shocks: KW Clubsports
    Springs: KW
    Sway Bars: Whiteline
    Additional Suspension Work: SPL Arms, Links and Solid Bushings

    Brakes: Stoptech Trophy Brakes 6 Piston
    Pads: Carbotec
    Brake Lines: Stoptech
    Additional Brake Work: Bingz Brake Ducting

    Wheels: Volk TE37 SL’s
    Tires: N/A

    Front Bumper: Straffe Kumura Z
    Spoiler: NASCAR Kevlar Front Lip
    Hood: Seibon CF
    Fenders: Bingz Custom
    Side Skirts: Bingz Custom
    Rear Bumper: Bingz Custom
    Rear Diffuser: Bingz Custom
    Trunk Lid: VIS Duckbill CF
    Spoiler/Wing: APR GTC-300 CF
    Doors: Stock
    Livery Design/Graphics: Apex Design / Phantasm Vinyl

    Cage: Tom Pallatin Motorsports
    Seat: Butler NASCAR Alluminum Seat
    Harness: G Force 5 Pt Cam
    Steering Wheel: Sparco
    Instrumentation: Computech Datamaxx Digital Display

    Team Principle: Kevin Parlett
    Driver: Kevin Parlett
    Driver Bio: KParlettRacing.com

    Tuner: Nik Sohoritis
    Crew Chief: Nik Sohoritis
    Chief Fabricator: George Sohoritis


    Official Website: SoHoMotorsports.com

    : Facebook.com/KParlett.Racing

    : Twitter.com/KParlett

    : YouTube.com/user/KParlett

    : Instagram.com/KParlett

    Additional: Blog KParlettRacing.com

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