2017 Global Time Attack Pro Am Points Chase

2017 GTA Pro Am Points Chase

For the 2017 season the Global Time Attack will introduce the GTA Pro Am Points Chase. At each of the GTA Pro Am events teams will collect points towards an overall season championship. Four champions will be crowned in the Enthusiast, Street, Limited and Unlimited classes with custom one off GTA Trophies. One overall points winner from each Class. Points leaders win a custom trophy and a free entry to the North American time attack finals, the Global Time Attack Super Lap Battle at Buttonwillow Raceway Park November 9-10, 2017.

Rather than driver- or car-based titles the GTA Pro Am Points Chase will be contested between teams (like a constructor’s championship). Any team or individual that enters a 2016 GTA Pro Am Speed District event will be eligible to earn Pro Am Chase points*.

If after entering a 2017 GTA Pro Am event a team needs to substitute a driver or a car for a subsequent event entry the substitution must be submitted – with a valid reason – to the GTA staff via email to info@globaltimeattack.com no later than 48 hours before the first session of that event** in order to receive GTA Pro Am points.

Once a properly submitted substitution request has been received an independent panel of time attack team representatives selected by the GTA staff (across each of our three classes) will review it. Panel representatives whose teams have submitted a substitution request will be exempt in that particular instance. The Global Time Attack reserves the right to make the final decision in regards to any and all substitution requests.

The reason behind these substitution requests is to allow a team the opportunity to continue to contest the championship in the event that a catastrophic failure prompts a replacement car or if a driver is unable to compete for a valid reason. This will also prevent teams from engaging in any rental car or ringer driver loophole tactics that can manipulate a points system and invariably taint a championship.

The point breakdown for the 2016 GTA Pro Am Points Chase is listed below. The points for each of the four classes will be worth the same value.

GTA Pro Am Schedule 
RD1 GTA Pro Am Boost Fest Streets of Willow February 25, 2017
RD2 GTA Pro Am Speed District Buttonwillow April 15, 2017
RD3 GTA Pro Am Speed District Willow Springs June 3, 2017
RD4 GTA Pro Am Motor Massive ACS July 16, 2017
RD5 GTA Pro Am Speed District ACS October 1, 2017

GTA Pro Am Championships
Unlimited Pro Am Champion: Trophy, plus a free entry to Super Lap Battle 2017
Limited Pro Am Champion: Trophy, plus a free entry to Super Lap Battle 2017
Street Pro Am Champion: Trophy, plus a free entry to Super Lap Battle 2017
Enthusiast Pro Am Champion: Trophy, plus a free entry to Super Lap Battle 2017

GTA Pro Am Points Structure

1st Place: 12 points
2nd Place: 10 points
3rd Place: 8 points
4th Place: 6 points
5th Place: 4 points
6th Place: 3 points
7th Place: 2 points
8th Place: 1 points

Overall Class Win: 3 points
Specific Class Record: 4 points
Overall Class Record: 5 points
Attend All 3 Events Bonus: 4 points

**Any team that does not pass a post-race inspection will be stripped of any points earned at that event

***The 48-hour period before an event will be measured from the start of the first timed session.

****Must attend at least two events to be in contention for championship.



GTA Pro Am Speed District Unlimited Class 2015

Global Time Attack Dai Yoshihara

1 Daijiro Yoshihara Spoon Sports USA Honda Civic 130
2 Canaan O’Connell Mitsubishi Evo Jet Black Racing 49
3 Tony Szirka UMS Tuning Mitsubishi Evo 38
4 Travis Barnes Snail Performance Subaru 28
4 Jason Sharek Mercedes AMG C63 28
5 Roy Narvaez Mitsubishi Evo HULK 21

GTA Pro Am Speed District Limited Class 2015

Global Time Attack Tony Jackson

1 Tony Jackson Eibach BMW M3 98
2 Kevin Courtney Bobby Lane Racing Accord 84
3 Roy Narvaez Nissan GTR 46
4 Justin Bordonaro Mitsubishi Evo 8 43
5 Mitch Fagundes Audi R8 42
6 Andrew Nier Ford Mustang 36
7 Michael Sutton 97 BMW M3 33
8 Ryan Cashin Chevy Corvette 28
8 David Haagsma Nissan GTR 28
8 Gabriel Shadid BMW M3 28
9 Tim Kuo Sportcar motion Acura RSX 21
9 John Lazorack III Mitsubishi Starion 21
9 Will Wattanawongkiri Wattanawongkiri Mazda RX7 21
9 Bob Apodaca BC Racing NA Honda Civic 21
10 Rif Dagher Platte Forme AG BMW 18
10 Phil Cambe Mitsubishi Evo 18
11 Scott Santellan Lamborghini 15
11 Fei Long Tran Scion FRS 15
12 Coco Zurita Nissan GTR 13
12 Scottie Burough Nissan GTR 13
12 Frisili Casasola Mazda Rx7 13
13 Jason Paul Honda S2000 11

GTA Pro Am Speed District Street Class 2015

Global Time Attack Rif Dagher