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    MAR Financial Sport Car Motion Hybrid Racing Church Automotive Testing
    Portflow Carbonetic Drag Cartel Hetch Valdez
    Jose Guzman Giovani Arriaza Shawn Moore Daniel Butler
    Cole Walking Eagle

    Records/ Personal Bests: 1:30.548 – Willow Springs International Raceway Global Time Attack personal best

    Car Name: White Donkey
    Nickname: see above
    Year: 1994
    Make: Honda
    Model: Civic CX
    Chassis Code: EG
    Engine: K24
    Displacement: 2.4L
    Boost Pressure: naturally aspirated
    Fuel: 100 octane unleaded
    Power Output: 320hp at hubs
    Weight: 2,020lbs without driver

    ’04 Honda Accord K24
    Crankshaft: ’04 Honda Accord K24
    Pistons: N/A
    Connecting Rods: Crower Maxi-Lite
    Main Studs: N/A
    Camshafts: Drag Cartel Stage 4
    Cam Gears: ‘04 Acura RSX Type-S
    Valves / Valvesprings / Spring Retainers: Supertech
    Head Gasket: Cometic
    Head Studs: ARP
    Intake Manifold: Ported RBC Manifold
    Throttle Body: BDL 72mm
    Turbocharger: AFI won’t give me one
    Turbo Manifold: AFI won’t give me one
    Wastegate: N/A
    Blow-Off Valve: N/A
    Exhaust: SportCarMotion custom straight pipe
    Fuel Pressure Regulator: N/A
    Fuel Delivery: N/A
    Fuel Injectors: Injector Dynamics
    Fuel Cell: ATL 15 gallon
    Spark Plugs: NGK, 2 steps colder
    Radiator: Koyo
    Intercooler: N/A
    Oil System: Stock RSX oil pump with Hytech baffle pan
    Engine Management: Hondata KPRO
    Wiring Harness: SportCarMotion Custom
    Additional Engine Work: N/A

    ‘04 Acura RSX Type-S custom built by Shawn Moore
    Transmission Gearing: 5.08 M Factory Final Drive
    Clutch / Flywheel: Exedy twin plate clutch
    Differential: Carbonetic 1.1 Carbon LSD
    Axles: Yes

    TEIN SRC off the shelf
    Springs: TEIN 18k (f), 14k (r)
    Sway Bars: Acura Integra Type R
    Additional Suspension Work: N/A
    Brakes: Spoon 2 piece calipers, Autozone rotors
    Pads: Hawk Blue
    Brake Lines: Custom SportCarMotion Brake Lines
    Additional Brake Work: N/A

    Wheels: Advan RG 16×8
    Tires: Undetermined for 2011

    Front Bumper:
    Custom SportCarMotion
    Spoiler: Custom SportCarmotion& Novak Engineering
    Hood: Custom SportCarmotion
    Fenders: Custom SportCarmotion& Novak Engineering
    Side Skirts: Custom SportCarmotion& PCI
    Rear Bumper: Custom SportCarMotion
    Rear Diffuser: Novak Engineering, Carbon Fiber and Kevlar (1lb weight)
    Trunk Lid: Custom SportCarMotion
    Spoiler/Wing: Voltex
    Doors: Gutted Stock
    Livery Design/Graphics: N/A
    Paint: Giovani Arriaza
    Additional Exterior Work: N/A

    Cage: Robispec
    Seat: Recaro SPG
    Harness: N/A
    Wheel: Personal Steering Wheel
    Instrumentation: DEFI

    Team Principles: Renzo Marsano & Loi Song
    Driver: Renzo Marsano
    Driver Bio: Not much of a bio, Renzo just likes cars.

    Tuner: Loi Song – Chassis, Daniel Butler – Engine Tuning
    Crew Chiefs: Loi Song, Erin O’Connor

    Chief Fabricators: Hetch Valdez, Cole Walking Eagle

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