LIC Motorsports is a small independent family business run by brothers Adam and Noah Levy.  Both brothers have deep roots to the Subaru community.  They’ve been active supporters on national forums and have been a pinnacle element to their local Subaru community dating back over 10 years.

As many know, LIC Motorsports partnered up with Takata during the 2010 season, which was to run a full series effort in the Redline Time Attack series.  The Levy brothers 2004 STi was transformed in Forza 3 (an online Xbox racing game) and proudly graced the track with what many expressed as the most attractive looking race car in the circuit.  After a west coast 7 race hard fought battle, which LIC Motorsports lead the first 4 races; LIC Motorsports/Takata took home 2nd place in championship points and was the fastest Modified Subaru in the 2010 Redline Time Attack series.

Another groundbreaking event the brothers took on was a documentary series deemed “The Underdogs”.  The series is an episodic journey into the lives of brothers Adam and Noah Levy, owners of LIC Motorsports.  Viewers got to watch as they prepared their race-bred Subaru STi for battle in the 2010 Redline Time Attack race series.  In each episode, they would stand face to face with teams many times their size and funding.  The 2010 filming of The Underdogs had five 30 minute episodes in it but in Episode 5 it left off with lots of uncertainties due to Noah’s son, Dylan, medical condition.  In that episode the world got to understand what Noah and his family were going through and that they were fighting the fight of their life as Dylan needed a Liver Transplant and to complicate matters even further, Noah was going to be the live donor.  The future looked very grim and left with no real closure or future of The Underdogs and LIC Motorsports.  With Noah and Dylan now being a little over 2 month’s post-transplant, the racing itch has got the better of them and the need to be with the fans and continue to show the world what LIC Motorsports and The Underdogs is all about.  Filming for The Underdogs will continue in 2 weeks time and on May 21-22, 2011 it will see LIC Motorsports to their first race of the season with Dr. Russ Warr behind the wheel (LIC driver in 2009) of the LIC Motorsports owned/prepped Impreza STi at Willow Springs International Raceway in Rosamond, CA .

LIC Motorsports would like to thank all of their loyal customers for the support during the most trying times of their lives and business.  As well as the fans that enjoy watching LIC do battle and take on teams much larger than themselves.  One thing is for certain, an underdog never gives up and LIC Motorsports hasn’t.

Be on the lookout for the newly revamped LIC Motorsports 2004 STi race car and an all new livery.

2011 current list of sponsors:

– LIC Motorsports (Title Sponsor)
– Hawk Performance (Brake Pads)
– Wheeldude (Wheels)
– WORLD Racing (Electronics)
– RallySport Direct (Parts)
– Lost Summit Films (The Underdogs)

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