With the completion of Day One of the Global Time Attack at Texas Motor Speedway one thing was clear. Jeff Westphal and the GST Motorsports Subaru Impreza L will not be denied. Westphal’s 35.928 was the fastest time of the event by a large margin. Team principle Mike Warfield brought the L back to his Hayward, California shop in order to service the car after being on the road since Rd. 2 at Road Atlanta. The GST team has yet to debut an even more powerful boxer engine that Warfield promises will be in play for the GTA finals with the Super Lap Battle in November. Judging by the seemingly effortless manner Westphal achieved his 35-second blast we expect him to go even faster tomorrow.

 Second fastest overall was Tim Schoeppner in his in Limited Class True Form Racing Evo with a 39.751. Tim is from Las Cruces, New Mexico but he is a strong regular at Arizona’s UMS Tuning Time Attack Series.

It was surprising to see a Street Class car sitting in Third place overall at the conclusion of Day One. It was less surprising to learn that it was Doug Wind, the current Street Class Championship Chase points leader. Wind has been steadily tweaking the car over the season and he credits much of his speed to a new Garrett turbo on the FWD Dodge.

Terry Fair found more speed in his Unlimited RWD Vorshlag Mustang throughout the day. His 40.695 was the Fourth fastest time overall.

The Sauce Bauce himself, Travis Barnes made his first GTA appearance since the 2012 season opener at Buttonwillow. His Unlimited AWD Snail Performance WRX was Fifth fastest with a 41.133.

Jeff Tan’s Evo X may be a mildly prepared Enthusiast Class Evo X but his 41.647 was anything but mild.

Joshua Dunn is sitting in Second Place in Street AWD in his Evolution Dynamics Evo with a 41.802.

Dave Norton was set to bring his Limited Class Championship Chase leading Spec Clutch S14 to Dallas until a pre-race service revealed irreparable damage to the car’s coilovers. Dave brought his supercharged Z06 as last minute replacement. But the daily-driven street car was not the ideal time attack platform. The Corvette’s FMIC blocks the radiator and while fine on the street it caused overheating issues on the track. GM’s electric nannies also prevented Norton from completely disengaging the traction control, again good for the street but not for the track. Norton’s 43.808 is fast for this street-driven Chevrolet but the Limited Class driver has promised that his S14 will be back on track in time for Buttonwillow.

GTA fans have been patiently awaiting the debut of Tony Szirka’s Unlimited AWD UMS Racing Evo. Szirka shaved more than 200 lbs from the 8 and moved the weight bias rearward on the normally front-heavy Mitsu. The UMS car was also flexing a new livery with Blue Bayou exterior paint and Viper Green on the interior and cage. The car looks great but Szirka is still shaking out the new car blues so to speak as an oil pump let go followed by a water pump. Szirka should be back on track for Day Two.

Richard Dickey drove the Fiat of Ft Worth Redneck Racing Fiat Abarth Asetta Course to a 46.753 to lead Enthusiast FWD. Not too bad for a car with a 1.4-liter SOHC four cylinder.

The Fiat of Fort Worth people have also invited select drivers to sample a 500 on the track in a Drivers Cup Challenge. We’ll be posting all of the results after the event but we can tell you that 2009 Formula Drift Champion Chris Forsberg is currently leading all challengers with a 53.197. We know quite a few GTA drivers who do not plan to let this time stand.

The first session of Day Two will start at 9:00am. You can see the complete schedule here. We’ll also broadcast our GTA Live! live stream from 4:00-7:00pm CDT here. Scroll down for the complete results from Day One. The only question that remains is whether these times will stand.

GTA Texas Day One Results

 Unlimited AWD

P1 – 7 – Jeff Westphal – GST Motorsports Subaru Impreza – 35.928

P2 – 4 – Travis Barnes – Snail Performance Subaru WRX – 41.133

P3 – 14 – Tony Szirka – UMS Racing Mitsubishi Evo 8 – 44.355

Unlimited RWD

P1 – 13 – Terry Fair – Vorshlag 2011 Ford Mustang – 40.695

Limited AWD

P1 – 66 – Tim Schoeppner – True Form Racing Mitsubishi Evo 9 – 39.751

Limited RWD

P1 – 93 – Dave Norton – Spec Clutch Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 – 43.808

Street AWD

P1 – 124 – Taylor “Dr. Koby D. Kone Killa” Wilson – FAT Snail Subaru WRX – 41.762

P2 – 8 – Joshua Dunn – Evolution Dynamics Mitsubishi Evo 9 – 41.802

Street FWD

P1 – 63 – Doug Wind – Modern Performance Dodge SRT-4 – 40.663

Enthusiast AWD

P1 – 768 – Jeff Tan – Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution – 41.647

P2 – 555 – Markos Mylonas – Snail Performance/Forced Air Technologies Subaru WRX – 42.218

Enthusiast RWD

P1 – 001 – Ken Orgeron – Vorshlag / AST-USA BMW M3 –41.862

P2 – 17 – Douglas Bell – Out Performance Ford Mustang – 45.333

P3 – 76 – Jamey Beck – Whiteline Dodge Challenger – 51.943

P4 – 56 – Dale Barnes – Snail Performance Ford Mustang GT – 50.766

Enthusiast FWD

P1 – 49 – Richard Dickey – Fiat of Ft Worth Redneck Racing Fiat Abarth Asetta Course – 46.753

P2 – 00 – James Lopez – Scion tC – 47.692