All of us GTAers have been busy working away on the final preparations for our final Global Time Attack and Just For Kicks car gathering of 2011 at Infineon Raceway on this coming Friday and Saturday, November 11-12. We wanted to take a moment and publish a quick post to give you a taste of just some of the teams that have confirmed to compete at Infineon Raceway. With just a chance of showers on Friday and clear skies forecast for Saturday there is no doubt records will fall this weekend. Speaking of broken records and broken hearts the GST Motorsports Impreza will be defending its home track honor with Jeff Westphal behind the wheel. This team will be going for its fourth Unlimited AWD GT class track record and third overall time attack track record this weekend.

Tony Szirka of UMS Tuning drove out from Mesa, AZ to run in the Super Lap Battle before heading up to Infineon to run in Unlimited GT AWD. Tony also serves as our GTA Race Steward and we heard he’s flying solo for this trip. Yes, Tony’s going to be a busy guy this weekend.

Trent Choi’s Insane Speed Unlimited GT AWD has not turned a wheel in anger since the 2010 Redline Time Attack finals at Auto Club Speedway. Insane Speed’s Mikey “Pineapple” Angel has been feverishly working away updating certain elements of the car such as additional power and a gearbox upgrade. Will it be enough for Trent to take on UMS and GST?

The FXMD NSX is another car currently challenging the overall time attack record at the Super Lap Battle at Buttonwillow today. The record is currently held by Sierra Sierra Enterprises in their Unlimited GT AWD Evo 8 where David Empringham clicked off a 1:41.046 at last year’s SLB. FX came so close with a 1:41.949 before blowing their motor. Last year Grand Am superstar, Billy Johnson drove the car but for SLB and our GTA Tyler McQuarrie will be driving. In the first practice session at Buttonwillow Tyler ran a 1:42.1 before blowing out a rear shock and his shoulder as well. We’re hoping the team can get both the car and Tyler back together again before the end of the day and then blast up the 5 and into Infineon to battle with GST. UPDATE: the team has reset the overall record with a 1:40.981!

The AFI Turbo Unlimited GT RWD S2000 was just on display in the Enkei booth at The SEMA Show wearing fresh paint and monster aero. We hear that Jeremy Renshaw will get even more power to throw down through that Jericho rock crusher gearbox at Infineon.

Aaron “Biggie” Brown is bringing his Unlimited GT RWD Nissan 240SX to Sonoma all the way from Utah with Matt “Hollywood” Guiver set to drive. The team knows they’re bringing a knife to the FXMD/AFI Turbo gunfight but they’re coming in hot regardless. We like the style of the Biggie Motorsports Group and only hope they’ll give us a cool nickname at Infineon too.

Our GTA wouldn’t be a proper GTA without the presence of Chris Rado and Team Need for Speed WORLD Racing team. This crew is currently at Buttonwillow trying to improve on their 1:49.703 Unlimited FF record. The car has gone faster at Redline and NASA events at Buttonwillow however this was with slicks whereas SLB requires DOT rated tires. We hear this car is running at BW and Infineon with an even more radical aero set-up (if this is even possible). We’ve heard rumors that the team has already crushed it’s SLB record at this point but we have yet to get an official confirmation. Rado and crew have also put Mike Warfield and his GST team on notice to be ready at Infineon. FWD vs AWD? We can’t wait! UPDATE: Rado ran a 1:47.354 to reset his own SLB Unlimited FF class record!

Renzo Marsano’s White Donkey/MAR Financial/Sportcar Motion (best team name ever!) Unlimited GT FF Civic hatch has been undergoing some massive modifications (namely cage, fuel cell, aero), which will debut at Infineon. NA K24 FTW!

The LIC Motorsports Limited GT AWD STI has also been on the receiving end of some improvements since our first GTA at Willow Springs. According to a recent team blog (read it here) the car will have up to 150 more wheel hp at Infineon when compared to the 2010 set up. Another new thing is not a thing at all but a who, as in Gary Sheehan, the 40-year old virgin of time attack. Gary’s a skilled shoe and he’s already popped his cherry at Infineon since it is his home track.

Travis Barnes and his Snail Performance Limited GT AWD WRX team were actually our very first team to register for the event at Infineon. And for that they get… nothing but our undying love and gratitude. These guys are also pulling the SLB GTA double header and we can’t wait for them to bring their show to Sonoma.

Here is the Limited AWD GT spoiler. JC Meynet’s OMG/AQ Motorsports STI won at Willow Springs in convincing fashion against a strong field on the way to setting a Limited class time attack track record. However at that event the motor in JC’s Subaru let go. The team (read: JC and friends in his garage) have been hard at work over the last few weeks trying to get a new engine package into the car. It will be exciting to see the LIC OMG rivalry rekindled at Infineon.

Adam Aquino’s Double-A Engineering Limited GT AWD team overcame engine troubles at Willow Springs even going so far as using sandpaper to hone certain pieces. Yes, sandpaper. However the car seems to be dialed now and its coming into Infineon with 550whp.

Kyle Hatch won the Lap Battle series championship at Miller Motorsports Park and his RaceCo Zip Tie Limited GT Evo team are making the trip down from Utah with the Biggie Motorsports Group.

Yet another Snail Performance Subaru in Limited GT AWD belongs to Taylor “Dr Kobe D” Wilson. This car is also doing to SLB GTA duet.

A very welcome last minute surprise came in the form of Javad Shadzi’s 034 Motorsport Limited GT AWD A4 driven by the very capable Christian Miller. This will make for a deeply stacked Limited GT AWD field.

Limited GT RWD will have a Formula Drift car in the mix as Luke Lonberger of Blu808 is bringing his drift-spec C6 Corvette to Infineon. Luke even changed up some of the suspension and brake pieces and chassis settings to help improve the time attack performance of this drift car. Because of the fact that little remains of the interior and nothing remains of the catalytic convertor this Corvette falls into the Limited class even though Luke will be running the Hankook RS3 Street class tire. UPDATE: Luke may install the required interior pieces and cats to enable him to run in the Street Class.

Now we’re talking! Mark Arcenal of Fatlace/illest/Stance Society fame will be making the public debut of his Pandora One RWB 964 Porsche. The car will be on display at our Just For Kicks car gathering but even wilder Mark has entered the car in the Limited GT RWD class. Although it’s a street car the 315mm wide rear Falken tires push it into the Limited class. Mark knows the track and with a 500hp-plus FFTEC engine package he just might give the Corvettes in this class a run.

Yes, we said Corvettes. But truth be told, the Tanaka Racing Corvette is on our wish list. Team principle Dwight Tanaka is working on the logistics to get this car to our event and we’re hoping that this post will push the Tanaka Racing team over the edge. Isn’t that how the Internet works? If you post it, then it must be true, yes? Hopefully, we will see this car at Infineon with Jacob Tanaka doing battle against Luke Lonberger and Mark Arcenal in Limited GT RWD.

Loi Song’s Sportcar Motion Limited GT FF Integra is a real deal Type R and right now Tim Kuo is driving it at the Super Lap Battle before making the trip up to Infineon for our Global Time Attack. UPDATE: Tim Kuo reset the Limited FF Buttonwillow time attack track record with a 1:55.316.

The FXMD Limited GT FF Eclipse team is led by Andrew Brilliant, the man responsible for the wild aero work on the FXMD NSX among other top time attack cars. Matt Andrews will be driving this one at Infineon.

The boys from Professional Awesome have done it again as they continue to do so much more with less. They made the trek out from West Lafayette, Indiana to the Zeitronix booth at the SEMA Show last week before coming up to Infineon. These guys break records at every track they go to with Daniel O’Donnell behind the wheel of their Street GT AWD class Evo and they hope to keep the streak going at Infineon.

Standing in the way of Professional Awesome and their march to Street GT AWD domination is Gino Reyna’s Apollo Performance Subaru WRX driven by Clint Boisdeau. Who do you like in this Street class super sedan rivalry. Mitsubishi or Subaru? Evo or WRX? West or East (technically midwest but east vs west reads so much better than west vs. midwest).

The Evolution Racewerks Street GT RWD BMW 135i is scheduled to compete. However ER’s arch rival, the Berk Technology Street GT RWD BMW 135i will not be at Infineon. We did read a comment from Berk Technology on the Facebook about how the drive to Sonoma from Orange County (some 280 miles) is too far for them. With that in mind would you say Berk is either too lazy or too scared to run against ER at Infineon? Haha, JK.

Martin Cabaero from Tweeks Racing is bringing his Street GT RWD Lotus (with the world’s greatest livery) to Infineon and we believe Josh Hershkoff will be driving.

Not to be left out of the fun Martin from Tweeks is also bringing his very clean AE86 Corolla (complete with TRD N1 body kit) which he will drive himself in the Street GT RWD class.

Clint Boisdeau will be driving two cars at Infineon. The Apollo Performance Street GT AWD WRX and his own Apollo Performance Street GT FF Ford Focus. He also drove his Focus at Buttonwillow today. And he took the track record for his Street FF class in the process with a 1:59.086.

What a great week for time attack with the Super Lap Battle going down today and our own Global Time Attack 2011 finals set to drop on this coming Friday and Saturday, November 11-12 at Infineon Raceway with all of these cars and more. See you in Sonoma.