We produce a live stream broadcast of each Global Time Attack event on our website.  Meaning that we produce a live video feed of our time attack’s on our website for you to watch and enjoy. We are also recording everything that we live stream broadcast during race weekends. Below you will find some of the action we broadcasted live on our website, in case you missed it.  Sort of like a “On Demand” feature, you can go back and watch your favorite part over and over again.


John Naderi Interviews Bryan Friday


John Naderi interviews Jacob Tanaka


John Naderi interviews Kevin Courtney


John Naderi interviews Andrie Hartanto


John Naderi interviews Joyce Leung at the SCION Urban Utility Vehicle


John Naderi interviews Carl Rydquist on the grid and Session 2 goes out on track, Hot.


John Naderi interviews Alex Peng, Travis Barnes, & Jacob Tanaka


Jason Dienhart interviews Patrick David of Synergy Turbo


John Naderi interviews Mike Bonanni and Chris Rado.


First GTA Run Group Session Sunday


More of GTA Run Group Session Sunday


Second GTA Run Group Session Sunday


Third GTA Run Group Session Sunday


Final GTA Run Group Session Sunday


The GTA Awards Ceremony