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    Records/ Personal Bests: 1:01.660 – Firebird International Main Course overall time attack track record

    1:39.657 – Las Vegas Motorsports Speedway outside track overall time attack track record

    1:35.548 – Auto Club Speedway Roval overall time attack track record

    1:19.397 – Willow Springs International Raceway Global Time Attack Unlimited GT AWD track record

    1:02.460 – New Jersey Motorsports Park Lightning Raceway Global Time Attack Unlimited GT AWD time attack and overall production car track record

    1:23.594 – Autobahn Country Club South Circuit Global Time Attack Unlimited GT AWD time attack and overall production car track record

    Car Name: GST Motorsports Impreza
    Nickname: The “L”
    Year: 1996
    Make: Subaru
    Model: Impreza L
    Chassis Code: GC8
    Engine: EJ257
    Displacement: 2.56L
    Boost Pressure: 22-38 psi
    Fuel: E85
    Power Output: 550-725whp
    Weight: 2,500lbs

    EJ257 modified with Darton Sleeves by Race Engine Developement
    Crankshaft: Brian Crower Billet 79mm
    Pistons: JE FSR 9:1 compression
    Connecting Rods: Brian Crower
    Main Studs: ARP
    Camshafts: Brian Crower 280/280
    Cam Gears: OEM Subaru
    Valves / Valvesprings / Spring Retainers: Cosworth
    Head Gasket: Cosworth
    Head Studs: ARP
    Intake Manifold: Cosworth
    Throttle Body: 70mm GST Motorsports Modified
    Turbocharger: Garrett GTX3582
    Turbo Manifold: Full Race
    Wastegate: Turbosmart Comp gate 40 (x2)
    Blow-Off Valve: Turbosmart Race port
    Exhaust: Custom GST Motorsports
    Fuel Pressure Regulator: Aeromotive
    Fuel Delivery: Walbro GS342 (x2) in tank, Bosch 044 (x2)
    Fuel Injectors: RC 1600cc
    Fuel Cell: Fuel Safe 12 gallon
    Spark Plugs: NGK LFR7AIX
    Radiator: Mishimoto
    Intercooler: Mishimoto
    Oil System: Cosworth 12mm pump, Cosworth dry sump pump
    Engine Management: Hydra Nemesis
    Wiring Harness: GST Motorsports custom made
    Additional Engine Work: N/A

    Stock 08 STI Transmission
    Transmission Gearing: Standard 08 STI
    Clutch / Flywheel: ACT Prolite flywheel, ACT unsprung 6 puck clutch
    Differential: Cusco Front 1 Way, Carbonetics 1.5 way rear
    Axles: OEM Subaru

    JRZ Motorsports 3-way adjustable, custom valving by Performance Shock Inc.
    Springs: Eibach, various rates
    Sway Bars: Whiteline 24mm front, 27mm rear
    Additional Suspension Work: Custom Roll Center kit by AFI Turbo
    Brakes: Ksport 8 piston front, Ksport 4 Piston rear
    Pads: Raybestos ST47 front, Raybestos ST45 rear
    Brake Lines: Goodridge stainless lines
    Additional Brake Work: Custom Sheehan Motorsports front brake duct cooling

    Wheels: Rota MXR 18×11 +20
    Tires: Continental R80 305/645/R18

    Front Bumper:
    GST Motorsports custom
    Spoiler: GST Motorsports custom
    Hood: Dos Beena’s Autobody custom
    Fenders: GST Motorsports/Midget Autobody custom
    Side Skirts: TEC Equipment custom
    Rear Bumper: OEM GST Motorsports modified
    Rear Diffuser: GST Motorsports custom
    Trunk Lid: Vfiber GST Motorsports modfied
    Spoiler/Wing: Kognition Designs
    Doors: GST Motorsports custom
    Livery Design/Graphics: Huck Gee designed applied by Dodgy vinyl
    Paint: Midget Autobody
    Additional Exterior Work: Full GST Motorsports custom flat bottom

    Cage: GST Motorsports
    Seat: Recaro
    Harness: Sparco
    Steering: GST Motorsports custom electric power steering
    Wheel: Momo
    Gauges: AIM MXL Pro

    Team Principle: Mike “Da Wanka” Warfield
    Driver: Jeff “G-Stig” Westphal
    Driver Bio: Jeff can do this part, all I know is he delivers mail really fast!

    Tuner:Mike “Da Wanka” Warfield
    Crew Chief: Earl “The Merl” Lenaming

    Chief Fabricator: Tommy “Slim” Wu/ Zalo
    Chief Mechanic: Mert “Lo-Lo” Solis
    Lead Crewman: Keith “Boots!” Mayberry


    Official Website: www.gstmotorsports.com

    : http://www.facebook.com/pages/GST-Motorsports/170126639666968

    : YouTube.com/user/gstmike01?feature=mhum

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