Global Time Attack is excited to have Garrett Turbo back as an official series sponsor of Global Time Attack 2013!  They have awesome products that work, and are more than proven in many different forms of motorsports.  It feels great to be aligned with such an amazing brand. These guys love motorsports, and believe in the growth of time attack in North America.  We appreciate their support.






We feel honored to be mentioned along with the likes of Formula Drift, NMRA, and NMCA!  Thank you Mike Warfield and GST Motorsports for the amazingly fast time attack Subaru, and Jeff Westphal for the amazing driving!







Lastly, a big thanks to one of the hardest working guys in motorsports!  Yukio Taira. He is absolutely everywhere, look out!  There he is!

Thank you Garrett! We are looking forward too an amazing time attack season! Be sure to always hashtag #TurboLife on all of your Instagram and Twitter pictures.