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    Records/ Personal Bests: 1:41.949 – Buttonwillow Raceway Park Super Lap Battle Unlimited RWD track record

    2:13.057 – Spring Mountain Motorsports Park Overall Production Car track record

    1:18.555 – Willow Springs International Raceway Redline Time Attack overall track record

    1:30.630 – Carolina Motorsports Park Overall Production Car track record

    Car Name: FX Motorsports Development NSX
    Nickname: Ron J
    Year: 1991
    Make: Acura
    Model: NSX
    Chassis Code: NA1
    Engine: C30A
    Displacement: 3179cc
    Boost Pressure: 18 psi
    Fuel: E85
    Power Output: ~680whp
    Weight: 2,650lbs w/driver

    OEM with Darton M.I.D. Sleeves, installed by Race Engine Development, machine work provided by Millennium Motorsports
    Crankshaft: Brian Crower / WPC Treated
    Pistons: CP Pistons / WPC Treated
    Connecting Rods: Carillo Rods / WPC Treated
    Main Studs: OEM
    Camshafts: FXMD Spec
    Cam Gears: Comptech
    Valves / Valvesprings / Spring Retainers: Portflow
    Head Gasket: Cometic
    Head Studs: OEM
    Intake Manifold: Hogan’s Racing Manifolds
    Throttle Body: OEM
    Turbocharger: T04Z
    Turbo Manifold: AFI
    Wastegate: Twin Turbosmart Hypergate 45mms
    Blow-Off Valve: Turbosmart Raceport BOV
    Exhaust: AFI
    Fuel Pressure Regulator: Turbosmart
    Fuel Injectors: RC Fuel Injectors
    Fuel Cell: OEM
    Spark Plugs: NGK
    Radiator: custom
    Intercooler: Garrett Air-Air
    Oil System: FXMD Dry Sump with Barnes Pump
    Engine Management: MoTeC M800
    Wiring Harness: Jordan Innovations
    Additional Engine Work: Millenium Motorsports machine work,Portflow head work,Bajas Machine Shop fit and finish work

    Applied Motorsports
    Transmission Gearing: OEM
    Clutch / Flywheel: RPS
    Differential: OS Giken / WPC Treated
    Axles: FXMD Spec

    KW Automotive
    Springs: KW Automotive
    Sway Bars: Daliracing
    Additional Suspension Work: N/A
    Brakes: Performance Friction
    Pads: Performance Friction
    Brake Lines: Performance Friction
    Additional Brake Work: N/A

    Wheels: CCW
    Tires: Yokohama A005 Slicks

    Front Bumper:
    FXMD Aerodynamics
    Spoiler: FXMD Aerodynamics
    Hood: FXMD Aerodynamics
    Fenders: FXMD Aerodynamics
    Side Skirts: FXMD Aerodynamics
    Rear Bumper: FXMD Aerodynamics
    Rear Diffuser: FXMD Aerodynamics
    Trunk Lid: FXMD Aerodynamics
    Spoiler/Wing: FXMD Aerodynamics & Kognition Design
    Doors: OEM
    Livery Design/Graphics:Grafik Impact
    Paint: Goron Paintshop and Eatery
    Additional Exterior Work: N/A

    Cage: STMPO
    Seat: Recaro
    Harness: Simpson
    Wheel: Zero Mass
    Gauges: AIM Dash

    Team Principle: Ken Namimatsu (Nami)

    Born: December 15, 1972

    Birthplace: San Jose, CA

    Residence: Las Vegas, NV / San Jose, CA

    Height: 5′10″

    Weight: Less than Fes

    Years Racing: 7

    Likes: People that don’t like Fes

    Dislikes: Fes

    Ken is the team principle at FXMD and is responsible for media relations, sponsorships, marketing, and race event planning. Ken holds a holds a BA in Business Entrepreneurship and is a graduate from the University of Southern California. Prior to FXMD Ken co- founded and led two successful software companies based out of the Southern California area. His primary tasks included investment funding, budgeting, and revenue forecasting. After a successful acquisition, Ken started FXMD to pursue his childhood dreams of building, and racing cars. In addition to his duties with FXMD, Ken is also co-owner of KNRB Trucking LLC, is co-founder of software company Skynet Sports, and manages several commercial and residential properties in both Las Vegas and San Jose, CA.

    Driver: Billy Johnson (Golden Child)
    Driver Bio:

    Born: October 10, 1986

    Birthplace: Torrance, CA

    Residence: San Clemente, CA

    Height: 6′0″

    Weight: 160lbs

    Years Racing: 9

    Likes: Things that are fast

    Dislikes: Things that are slow

    Billy Johnson made his racing debut in 2000 at the age of 13 racing go-karts. The Californian has won multiple championships at the local, regional, to national level. In 2003, Billy moved up into auto racing after winning the Skip Barber Racing School scholarship. The next day he flew to Valencia, Spain and won another scholarship from BMW AG for the inaugural season of the Formula BMW USA championship. In the 2004 F-BMW season, Billy Finished 5th in the championship as well as received the Sportsman of the Year award.

    Over the last five years, Billy has raced in the NASCAR Nationwide, Grand Am Rolex, Grand Am Cup/Koni Challenge, Speed World Challenge, Formula Star Mazda Pro, Formula BMW, Skip Barber Regional and National Series, Super Street Time Attack, Redline Time Attack and many import tuner shootouts and competitions for magazines. In those series, Billy acquired 36 wins, 73 top five finishes and an additional 91 top ten finishes. Billy is also a driving instructor for the Skip Barber Racing School, as well as a private instructor for many regional and national race series including Mustang Challenge, Ferrari Challenge, and Grand-Am.

    Since 2007, Billy has more victories and top-3 podium finishes than any driver in the Grand-Am Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge (CTSCC) Series with 8 wins and 19 podiums. 2007 was Billy’s best season to date finishing second in the driver’s championship for the Grand-Am Koni Challenge ST series. His four wins were more than any other driver in either the ST or GS classes of the Koni Challenge series. 2009 was Billy’s second full season in the faster GS class where he visited the podium five times with two wins, driving for two different teams. This year in 2010, Billy is back with Roush Racing in the No. 61 Ford Mustang with Jack Roush Jr. and won Round 2 marking his father Jack Roush Sr.’s 400th victory as a team owner. Billy also made his debut in NASCAR Nationwide competition in 2010 at Watkins Glen.

    Besides working on his driving career, Billy has recently graduated from Cal State University, Fullerton with a degree in Business Administration. Billy also works as a Factory Works Driver for Mazda North American Operations, test driver for automobile and tire manufacturers, as a driver for manufacturer demonstration days, and does setup and chassis development for aftermarket tuning companies and race teams.

    Driver: Matt Andrews (GQ)
    Driver Bio:
    Born: August 26, 1977

    Birthplace: Durham, NC

    Residence: Dallas, TX

    Height: 6′1″

    Weight: 10 lbs. more than Billy

    Years Racing: 5

    Likes: The finer things in life

    Dislikes: The finer things in life

    Matt Andrews made his debut in sports cars in 2004 in US Touring Car. After a season and a half of development there and other club racing, Matt found a niche in laying down singular fast laps for a multitude of time attack teams racking up track records and wins. With a wide range of experience in different platforms, he has proven to be fast in both very light sports cars as well as extremely high powered, traction limited race cars and has become one of the drivers with the highest win ratios in time attack. He has also worked as a development driver providing feedback and data analysis for tire manufactures and companies looking to extract the most out of their vehicles or aftermarket parts. He has made appearances in print media and video games as a driver and a writer.

    Matt holds two degrees from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. When not driving, Matt is a sales executive for a leading technology manufacture and runs a sales team in the western United States. He has experience consulting with companies on how best to position themselves in order to reach a target audience and build plans for profitable growth. He has used these skills in motorsports by working with teams and sponsors on developing mutually beneficial marketing plans.

    Tuner: Jon Kuroyama (Old Man)

    Born: B.C.

    Birthplace: In a cave before fire was discovered

    Residence: Torrance, CA

    Height: 5′9″

    Weight: 160

    Years Racing: unrecorded

    Likes: Beer, Cigarettes, and Full Moons

    Dislikes: Superchargers, Tuning, 1996 Turbo NSXs

    Yoda is to the force as Jon is to tuning cars.

    Crew Chief: Radomir Banda (Fes)

    Born: January 5th, 1982

    Birthplace: Karlovac, Croatia

    Residence: Las Vegas, NV / Village Cemerrnica

    Height: 5′9″

    Weight: More than Nami, less than a Water Buffalo

    Years Racing: 7

    Likes: In no particular order; Beer, Food, Sleep, Women, Beer

    Dislikes: People that do not like Beer

    Radomir made his racing debut in 2007 with Factor X Racing. Although he has only been in the professional racing scene for the past three years, Radomir possesses a wealth of experience in the automotive world. Hailing from the bustling village of Cemermica Fes has displayed his mechanical intellect at an early age and continues to apply that knowledge on a daily basis. Fes is a skilled automotive technician and fabricator and has a passion for the sport and the desire to win at all costs. In addition to racing with FXMD, Fes is the co-owner of KNRB Trucking LLC in Las Vegas, NV.

    Technician: Bosko Tanackovic (Day Day)

    Born: July 3, 1983

    Birthplace: Kragujevac, Serbia

    Residence: Las Vegas, NV

    Height: 6′2″

    Years Racing: 8 years

    Likes: Playing Modern Warfare 2 with FES

    Dislikes: Playing Modern Warfare 2 with FES

    Bosko originally was born in Serbia and later relocated to Las Vegas. Very quickly the automotive business peaked his interest. He quickly became a certified tech at a well respected private Honda/Acura dealership. There he honed his skills and immersed himself in the automotive culture. In addition to FXMD Bosko is a successful automobile broker and is in the process of building an modified AWD car that will shatter records.

    Technician: Mark Yoshida (Panda)

    Born: No, Hatched. (6/76) / 34 all day

    Birthplace: Bamboo Forest, China

    Residence: Panda Canyon, San Diego Zoo

    Height: Short

    Weight: Light

    Years Racing: Since 16-17…

    Likes: Technology, Computers, Gadgets, Boobs

    Dislikes: Large Mice that dress in human clothes

    Hospitality/Nursing: Emi (Mom)

    Born: 7/81

    Birthplace: Yokomama, Japan

    Residence: Anaheim, CA

    Height: Even Shorter

    Weight: Healthy

    Years Racing: Racing? Speed Grilling… 3 Years, Hungry Crew Handler… 2.5 Years.

    Likes: Pandas, Wasabi, Vacation

    Dislikes: Mad Pandas


    : http://www.facebook.com/gofxmd

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