Eric Hsu is the Rush Limbaugh of the tuning world in that he always speaks his mind with not a care or concern for PC sensitivities or hurt feelings. Although as far as we know Eric has never publicly called anyone a slut or a prostitute. Maybe he’s more like that nappy-headed ‘ho Don Imus. On second thought, Eric is nothing like either of those two bloated gas bags except that he doesn’t pull any punches.

This is Eric’s car. Once a top Unlimited class time attack car and recently dusted off for a comeback tour. You can read about the relaunch of the R32 on this Beyond the Dyno feature. Aside from the fact that there is yet another Unlimited build in the works we can’t help but share Eric’s view on time attack.

This was taken from his very same MotoIQ Beyond the Dyno blog entry, “Time Attack is drag racing with turns except it’s better. Drag racing is hard on the drivetrain, is ultra expensive to be fast at, and is too short in duration. While I enjoy the occasional drag race myself, I find Time Attack levels the playing field since there’s a whole lot more skill involved for drivers, engineers, and mechanics alike. Plus Time Attack naturally filters out the shit talking rednecks who only know how to drive straight or in circles, separates the FFF forum shit talkers from the truly hardcore, and rich Supra/GT-R dynosheet racers all at the same time. An actual road race event is fine, but then there’s too many possibilities of running into traffic, crashing etc. So therefore I believe that Time Attack is the ultimate platform to showcase a car, driver, and team’s ability since it already includes many aspects of racing within it: drag racing (trap speed on the front straight), road racing with lap times without potential traffic or crashing, driver ability without the torture of an endurance event, tuning with the requirement to lay down full throttle big power for a sustained amount of time, and finally the oval trackish short attention span (it’s only one lap).” We couldn’t agree with Eric more. Read on to see why.

Many of us, including Eric, cut our teeth over 1,320 feet of rubber encrusted blacktop. But why live your life a going straight for a quarter-mile at a time when you can take on two and half-plus miles of Buttonwillow’s challenging CW13 configuration or Road Atlanta’s treacherous, undulating layout? Besides, Mike Warfield calls drag racers “car bowlers” and that’s reason enough for us to stay away from the drag strip.

Coaxing four-digit power numbers from a small displacement engine is no easy feat and we gotta give it up to those master mixologists of air and fuel. After all the time, effort and money spent on your 1,000hp monster wouldn’t you rather build the chassis to match and take it to the track instead of strapping it down while two of your fat friends are wedged in the trunk?

Although Eric didn’t mention it specifically we’re compelled to ask – in our weakest Jerry Seinfeld voice – what’s the deal with time attack themed show cars? Don’t get us wrong, we love a good-looking show car but some of these builds are more extreme than all but our top flight Unlimited teams. You know the car – CT9A with a wind-tunnel tested Voltex wide-body kit, complete with canards and massive GT wing, magnesium TE37s, Ohlins remote-reservoir coilovers and Brembo GT-R brakes. This will score serious points with the judges. Know what else it will do? Make for the start of a very capable time attack car.

We’re not going to belittle the skill of these drivers or the technology or set-up in the cars but suffice it to say that no matter how exciting NASCAR may be these races still come down to 200 to 600 miles of consecutive left hand turns.

See this? That’s about a gazillion dollars in carbon fiber gone in a cloud of red mist. You can’t do this in a time attack. But you could very well inflict such carnage in our GR8 VIII Shootout. Then we’ll just have to agree to disagree with Eric on this one point. We hope this doesn’t piss him off. We have a feeling we wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. But we do support Eric’s belief that time attack is the ultimate platform to showcase a car, driver, and team’s abilities. Thanks for putting it into words, Eric!