Austin Cabot driving the Deft Motion S2000 at GTA round 2, Road Atlanta.

Global Time Attack – Round 2 Road Atlanta
May 11-12, 2012
This was our first Time Attack event, we went out with the S2000 underprepped to NASA TTC spec and were able to grab the win! Austin’s best time was a 1:42.026 on Dunlop Star Specs. It was a great learning experience and we definitely have a lot of work to do to get ready for a full season in 2013. Big ups to our fans and supporters, as well as, our partners at Voltex, Challenge, DMP, and ISIS!

Thursday – Prep
Friday – Held the lead time all 4 sessions, fastest lap was a 1:43.4xx.
Saturday – Austin put down a 1:42.1xx first session out, a 1.3 seconds improvement from friday.
We lost the lead after Austin hit the tire walls.
We fixed the car and Austin went back out and put down his fast lap of 1:42.026.

There is still a ton of time Austin can pick up, but we weren’t able to squeeze it out after the mishap.