In an effort to provide more support and exposure for the Global Time Attack as well as our sponsors, partners and teams we will be producing more live web broadcasts. In addition to our GTA Live! streams each of our 2012 GTA events we will also be producing a new series called Clockwork GTA. These weekly, one-hour Webisodes will drop every other Thursday at 4:20pm PST and run for 20 minutes, which uh, technically makes them bi-weekly, third-of-an-hour Webisodes. Each Clockwork GTA Webisode will focus on one topic in addition to a product spotlight. Viewers – that’s you! – can ask questions and interact with the broadcast on our GTA Twitter feed here.


We’re also pleased to announce that the Global Time Attack will continue to work with Daryl David and his Belle-1 Racing Communications group to provide our GTA Live! web broadcasts for each and every 2012 Global Time Attack event. But first remember to be near your desktop, laptop, iPad, smart phone or any other web-enabled device tomorrow, Jan 12, 2012 for the launch of Clockwork GTA. Our featured topic will be the 2012 GTA schedule. You can watch it on our JustinTV channelĀ at 4:20pm PST right here.