It’s that time of year again. No, it’s not tax season. Actually it is tax season. Ugh. Hopefully the revenuers won’t give us the full Wesley Snipes this time. More important than our late fees, penalties and questionable deductions (the Sailor Moon suit was totally a business expense) is the start of the 2012 Global Time Attack season. And we can think of no better circuit than Buttonwillow Raceway Park to kick things off. Actually we can think of a few tracks but the 13CW configuration has been the de facto home court for North American time attack ever since the first Super Lap Battle in April of 2004.  This is what brings Global Time Attack to these hallowed, if somewhat pungent, grounds.  Here in no particular order other than random are all of the vague details for Round 1 of the 2012 Global Time Attack series at Buttonwillow Raceway Park.

Part of the allure of the Global Time Attack is our allegiance with other series such as Formula Drift and the Xtreme Drift Circuit and this first event of 2012 is no different. At Buttonwillow the GTA will be sharing the stage with both the National Auto Sport Association and the Pacific Tuner Car Championship. While this sets the stage for an action-packed weekend it also makes for one crowded paddock. This is why we’re urging both teams and spectators to be cognizant about where they park. Make sure you keep the pit wall and grid areas clear. If in doubt ask someone who looks official (anyone with a clipboard should do).

If two full days of racing still aren’t enough for you the track is hosting an open test day tomorrow, Friday, April 20, 2012. As you track vets no doubt know these test days are run by Buttonwillow and not NASA or GTA.  They do not take reservations and you must sign up tomorrow morning at the track. The 
full day rate is $125/Driver plus $75/Car or the 
half day rate is $60/Driver plus $50/Car. Half day hours begin at 1pm.  
The full day total is $200 and the half day total is $110. 
You can sign up at the Buttonwillow racetrack offices tomorrow morning. The Friday open track test is fully operated by Buttonwillow Raceway.

We have a full plate of events with plenty of track time for both the GTA and our new GR8 VIII Shootout as well as live stream web broadcasts throughout the weekend.

At our GTA events we divide the field into two run groups regardless of class. Run groups are separated by a lap time speed index. At Buttonwillow our speed index cut off will be a 1:52 lap with the Group A cars in the faster sub 1:52 session. Spoiler alert: 1:52 and slower cars are in Group B. As an added twist we split each session in half with the first half devoted to time attack assaults and the second half open to all cars. While every lap time does count this format also allows each team to get plenty of track time to perfect their set ups.

Buttonwillow will feature nearly forty top time attack teams. Here’s who you can expect to see in Unlimited: GST Motorsports Impreza, Snail Performance WRX, WORLD Racing Scion tC, FX Motorsports NSX, Evo X, Edge Motorworks E30 and more. Limited is stacked with the Evasive Motorsports Evo, Nightmotorsport STI, Berk Technology 135i, Platte Forme a.g. M3, Tanaka Racing Corvette, Project Import S2000, SportCar Motion Integra Type R, FX Motorsports Development Eclipse and the Street class flexes such cars as the Road Race Engineering/Robispec Evo 8, Apollo Performance WRX, Blu808 Evo X, Evolution Racewerks 135i, S2000, momofoolio S2000, AM Performance Civic, Project Import Accord, WORLD Racing tC, Apollo Performance Focus and the Godspeed Project Civic.

Our GR8 VIII Shootout is a new addition to our existing time attack format. We will match up the eight fastest time attack cars in all out, head-to-head battles. While there is no cost to enter the Great 8 drivers must have a NASA competition license and cars must be certified for wheel-to-wheel racing, neither of which is required for GTA entrants. All the technical details can be found here.

Buttonwillow is known for its record breaking performances over the years. And while our GTA events have been full of circuit breakers the warm temps may stand in the way of some of the more amazeballs laps. While the heat might slow some teams down it won’t keep them all down. Check out the current B-Dub records here (make sure you scroll down).

In case you can’t make it out to picturesque Buttonwillow, California we’ll be live streaming on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Click it for the livestream link and the broadcast times. Ready, steady, go!