Mazdatrix AIT

Dave Lemon from Mazdatrix just sent us these images of his heavily revised Mazdatrix AIT Racing RX-8. Dave is entering this car in the Street GT RWD class at this weekend’s Global Time Attack at Willow Springs and it will be the first time you can see this car in action anywhere. The AIT Racing widebody kit and 275-cross-section tires are new. The AIT kit and black wheels definitely give Dave’s 8 a very sinister look.

Engine Bay

But this is nothing compared to what’s under the hood. This does not look like your everyday Renesis. We’ll let Dave explain because we have no idea what we’re looking at here.

more engine shots

According to Dave, “Mazdatrix continues the development of its radical turbocharged twelve port two-rotor Mazda RX-8 Renesis engine. The engine has the standard six intake ports, but it also has SIX exhaust ports instead of the Renesis standard of four, or the 13B standard of two. Power should be well above 400 at the wheels this time out.”

In other words, “Eat my Wankel, Berk Technology and Evolution Racewerks!” Okay, maybe we added that last part for dramatic effect. But one thing’s for sure the battle for Street GT RWD supremacy at Willow Springs is going to be a fierce one. Be sure to check out for more of Dave Lemon’s rotary madness.


John Naderi