• Official Results of RD3 GTA Pro Am Speed District Willow Springs July 19, 2015

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    Unlimited FWD 1 Daijiro Yoshihara #9 Honda Civic Type R Spoons Sports USA 1:25.103 38 MSTR Watch
    Unlimited AWD 1 Canaan O’Connell #3 Mitsubishi Evo Jet Black Racing 1:30.453 28
    Limited AWD 1 Roy Narvaez #50 Nissan GTR Narvaez Racing 1:29.102 28 MSTR Watch
    Limited RWD 1 Ryan Cashin #19 Chevy Corvette 1:30.773 28
    Limited RWD 2 Tony Jackson #21 BMW M3 1:35.370 21
    Limited RWD 3 Andrew Nier #16 Ford Mustang Nier Racing Group Hillbank Motor Sports 1:35.892 18
    Street AWD 1 Tony Brown #25 Subaru Renner Motorsports 1:32.502 28 MSTR Watch
    Street AWD 2 Sally McNulty #412 Subaru WRX Snail Performance 1:35.478 21
    Street AWD 3 Clarence Trainer #5 Subaru STi Nightmotorsport 1:38.725 18
    Street FWD 1 Chris Hofmann #66 Chevy Cobalt BC Racing NA Foximus 1:42.085 28
    Street RWD 1 Rif Dagher #10 Chevy Corvette C7 51 Platte Forme AG 1:33.347 28
    Street RWD 2 Karla Pestotnik #33 Honda S2000 1:33.708 21
    Enthusiast AWD 1  Cody Gilbert #1 Subaru STI Slobaru 1:42.588 28
    Enthusiast RWD 1 Sean Aron #26 Ford Mustang Boss Laguna 1:37.988 28 MSTR Watch
    Enthusiast RWD 2 Bob Apodaca #2 Honda S2000 2:03.358 21
    Enthusiast FWD 1 Bret Nicoletti #0 Mazda Mazdaspeed3 RooneySpeed 1:54.809 28

    GTA Pro Am Prizes – at each time attack winners will be awarded trophies
    1st Place Trophy (Enthusiast, Street, Limited, & Unlimited Classes)
    2nd Place Trophy (Enthusiast, Street, Limited, & Unlimited Classes)
    3rd Place receives a bottle of champaign for the podium ceremony

    This is a points based series, with the Enthusiast, Street, Limited, & Unlimited Class winners receiving a invite and free entry to the GTA Super Lap Battle 2015.

    For the 2015 season Global Time Attack & Speed District will introduce the GTA Pro Am Points Chase. At each of the four GTA Pro Am by Speed District events, individuals will collect points towards an overall season championship. Four champions will be crowned in the Enthusiast, Street, Limited and Unlimited classes. The champions will each win one free entry into the 2015 Global Time Attack Pro Championship Super Lap Battle at Buttonwillow Raceway, November 2015.

    Unlimited Pro Am Champion: One Free Entry to the GTA Super Lap Battle
    Limited Pro Am Champion: One Free Entry to the GTA Super Lap Battle
    Street Pro Am Champion: One Free Entry to the GTA Super Lap Battle
    Enthusiast Pro Am Champion: One Free Entry to the GTA Super Lap Battle

    1st Place: 25 points
    2nd Place: 18 points
    3rd Place: 15 points
    4th Place: 12 points
    5th Place: 10 points
    6th Place: 8 points
    7th Place: 6 points
    8th Place: 4 points
    9th Place: 2 points
    10th Place: 1 point
    Overall Time Attack Track Record: 20 points
    Class Record: 16 points
    Fastest Lap of an Event: 10 points
    Registering a lap at an event: 3 points

    Enjoy all of the pictures from our family of talented photographers below.

    Images above by Rommel Estrada Motolyric

    Images above by David Karey

    Images above by Justin Banner Fujita Brakes

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