• Congratulations to Lyfe Motorsports, Excelsior Motorsports & PZTuning, and Jager Racing on winning the 2014 GTA Pro Championship points chase!

    For the 2014 season Global Time Attack introduced a GTA Pro Championship Points Chase. At each of the two Global Time Attack Pro events, individuals and teams will collect points towards an overall season championship in the Street Class, Limited Class, and Unlimited Class.

    Your 2014 GTA Pro Championship Class Champions
    Unlimited Class Champion: Cole Powelson & Kyle Schick of Lyfe Motorsports 2010 Nissan GTR
    Limited Class Champion: Cody Kishel Excelsior Motorsports Corvette & William Au-Yeung PZTuning Acura RSX
    Street Class Champion: Mark Jager Jager Racing Yimi Sport Subaru

    2014 Global Time Attack Championship Chase Final Standings



    P1 Cole Powelson & Kyle Schick Lyfe Motorsports Nissan GTR 49
    P2 Jeff Westphal GST Motorsports Subaru L 44
    P3 Reese Cox MTI Racing Corvette 41
    P4 Andrie Hartanto Prima Racing Honda S2000 28
    P4 Daijiro Yoshihara Spoon Sports Honda Civic 28
    P5 Stephanie Cemo Cemo Racing Corvette 21
    P5 Phil Grabow Element Tuning Subaru 21
    P5 Sasha Anis On Point Dyno 21
    P5 Joe De Vivo Caliber Customs Fiat Abarth 21
    P6 Tony Szirka UMS Tuning Mitsubishi Evo 18
    P6 Terry Fair Vorshlag Mustang 18
    P6 Travis Barnes Snail Performance Subaru 18
    P6 Tom Tang Blacktrax Performance Honda S2000 18
    P6 Jared Reyes Eibach Honda Civic 18
    P7 Chuck Conner MTI Racing Corvette 15
    P7 Jason Sharek Essa Mercedes AMG C63 15
    P7 Liam Downey RoMax Auto Group Honda Civic 15
    P8 Moti Almagor  Blackbird Fabworx Mazda Miata 13
    P8 Craig Utter JDM Speedshop Honda Civic 13
    P9 Doug Wind Windspeed Dodge SRT4 3





    P1 Mark Jager Jager Racing Yimi Sport Subaru 64
    P2 Rif Dagher Platte Forme AG Corvette 36
    P2 Ken Suen Godspeed Honda Civic 36
    P3 Robert Walker & Tim Kuo Mackin Ind. Time Attack Club Scion FRS 28
    P4 Dan Kang Zen Motors Lexus IS300 28
    P5 Jeremiah Fox J. Fox Racing Subaru STI 21
    P5 Daniel Walters Deft Motion Honda S2000 21
    P5 Istvan Klag Nightmotorsport Subaru 21
    P5 Robert Walker Evasive Motorsports Honda S2000 21
    P5 Pradana Ping Wilianto Evasive Motorsports Acura CSX Type S 21
    P6 Todd Earlsy My Shop Assist Mitsubishi Evo 8 18
    P6 Tony Brown Renner Motorsports Subaru 18
    P6 Mark Tsai Rolloface BMW 18
    P6 Thomas Smith H1 Performance Honda Civic 18
    P5 Justin Semon Topspeed Motorsports Subaru STI 15
    P6 Sean Farrah SPL Nissan 300ZX 15
    P6 Damyan Tucheniski Renner Motorsports Subaru 15
    P6 Yuta Akaishi The Chronicles Honda Civic 15
    P7 Tim Kuo Honda S2000 13
    P7 Nick Richards GSR Autosport BMW M4 13
    P8 Ted Park & Mike Kang ImperiousRex Racing Honda S2000 11
    P8 Devin Stiglits Ninelivesracing Honda S2000 11
    P9 Martin Choi Corner3 Garage Nissan 370Z 9
    P9 Matthew Brueck iTrack MS Mazda Miata 9
    P10 Matthew Lambrecht Caliber Customs Ford Mustang 7
    P10 Christopher Knight ProAuto LLC Scion FRS 7
    P11 Andrew Nier Nier Racing Group Hillbank Mustang 5
    P11 Brandon Bailey ProAuto LLC Subaru BRZ 5
    P12 Michael Doscher Hillbank Mustang 3
    P12 Richard Burge PreludePower dot com Honda Prelude 3
    P12 Lindsay High High Motorsports Dodge SRT4 3



    GTA Pro Championship Chase Points Structure

    1st Place: 25 points
    2nd Place: 18 points
    3rd Place: 15 points
    4th Place: 12 points
    5th Place: 10 points
    6th Place: 8 points
    7th Place: 6 points
    8th Place: 4 points
    9th Place: 2 points
    10th Place: 1 point

    Overall Time Attack Track Record: 8 points

    Class Record: 8 points

    Fastest Lap of an Event: 5 points

    Registering a lap at an event: 3 points

    1st Place and 2nd Place Points are only awarded to a full field.

    * A Full Field is at least 3 or more cars in a Division of a Class *

    **Any team that does not pass a post-race inspection will be stripped of any points earned at that event**

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