Official Results of the October 19, 2013 Global Time Attack Pro Am Shift-S3ctor.

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Global Time Attack Points Structure at GTA Pro Am Shift-S3ctor 2013

1st Place: 25 points
2nd Place: 18 points
3rd Place: 15 points
4th Place: 12 points
5th Place: 10 points
6th Place: 8 points
7th Place: 6 points
8th Place: 4 points
9th Place: 2 points
10th Place: 1 point

Overall Time Attack Track Record: 8 points
Class Record: 8 points
Fastest Lap of an Event: 5 points
Registering a lap at an event: 3 points

*Points only go to a team in a full field. A full field is 3 or more cars in a division of a class. *Any team that does not pass a post-race inspection will be stripped of any points earned at that event.

1st Place Class Points Chase Winners in RED get a invite and Free entry into the GTA Super Lap Battle at Buttonwillow Raceway Thursday, November 14, 2013

Enthusiast Class

1st – Powei Huang BMW M3                                    31 points
2nd – Gary Yeung Ren Motorsports S2K            21 points
3rd – Joe Yang Trinity Autosport                        18 points
4th – Tony Robles VF Engineering                        15 points
5th – Jason Sharek GSR Autosport                        13 points
6th – Michael Jantz GSR Autosport                        12 points
7th – Fei-Long Tran Fei Area Racing                        11 points
8th – Jason Lee Godspeed                                    9 points
9th – Mike Bonanni HG Motorsports                        3 points

Street Class

1st – Will Wattanawongkiri Nissan                        84 points
2nd – Andrew Nier Ford Mustang                        52 points
3rd – Kevin Courtney Bobby Lane Racing            39 points
4th – Michael Essa GSR Autosport C63            30 points
5th – Mark Jager Yimi Sport Subaru                        28 points
6th – Taylor Wilson Snail Performance            27 points
7th – Matt Lambrecht Caliber Customs            21 points
7th – Yi Hung Ho BMW M3                                    21 points
8th – Matt Dennison Evo                                    18 points
9th – Alex Lewandowski JDM Factory            3 points
9th – Robert Hu Honda Civic                                    3 points
9th – Istvan Klag Nightmotorsport                        3 points
9th – Thomas Smith H1 Honda Civic            3 points

Limited Class

1st – Don Pastor JMP Autoworks                        61 points
2nd – Alex Lewandowski JDM Factory            59 points
3rd – Ricky Kwan R’s Tuning GTR                        28 points
3rd – Clint Boisdeau Godspeed Nissan            28 points
4th – Markos Mylonas Snail Performance            24 points
5th – Ariel Salazar Static Nine Garage Evo            21 points
5th – Jacob Tanaka Tanaka Racing Vette            21 points
5th – Yu Fei BMW M3                                                21 points
5th – Nick Richards GSR Autosport BMW            21 points
5th – Roy Navarez Nissan GTR                        21 points
5th – Jason Sharek GSR Autosport                        21 points
6th – Travis Barnes Snail Performance            18 points
6th – Robi Spec Scion FRS                                    18 points
6th – Sally McNulty RaceCo Grimmspeed            18 points
6th – Jay Ronquillo Paul Kuzma JDM Fresh            18 points
6th – Jason Huang Shift-S3ctor GTR                        18 points
6th – Steve Eguina GMG Porsche                        18 points
7th – Peter Mitkov Renner Motorsports            15 points
7th – Kalen Welch Castro Motorsports            15 points
8th – Ken Suen Godspeed Sportcar Motion            9 points
9th – Craig Utter JDM Speedshop EG            6 points

Unlimited Class

1st – Tony Szirka UMS Racing Evo                        64 points
2nd – Travis Barnes Snail Performance            50 points
3rd – Kyle Schick RaceCo Nissan GTR            36 points
4th – Stephanie Cemo Corvette                        31 points
5th – Regan Steedman HRGruppe                         21 points
6th – Evan Fullerton HRGruppe                        18 points
7th – Eric Oviatt HRGruppe                                    11 points
8th – Reid Yoken Whiteline Corvette            6 points
9th – Jeff Ringer JMP Autowerks                        3 points